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Agricultural Operations at Kellogg Community College

At Kellogg Community College, we have the
Agricultural Operations major. This dual program is designed for students
to be a student at Kellogg Community College and Michigan State University. They take these classes together in order
to earn an Associate Degree in General Studies from Kellogg Community College and the Ag
Operations Certificate from Michigan State University. I chose to be a part of the MSU and KCC program
due to its location, being close to home. I wanted to stay at home, farm with my family
and still be able to go to school at the same time. Ever since I was a child I’ve always dreamed
of studying at Michigan State, and I just think that staying home but also having the
opportunity to be at a big campus is really nice because I can stay local and also get
a taste of big campus life. A lot of times going into a bachelor’s program
or something like that, you take a lot of courses that you may need down the road at
some point in a management position or something, but really there’s great opportunities for
those with just the two-year ag tech program, where you learn the hands-on things and the
agronomic practices, the basic ag business principles. Anything like that really gives people the
one-up for being the right candidate for that career. Internships to me are probably the most important
part of this whole program because really when it comes down to business it’s not what
you know but it’s who you know. And so these kids, we get them out in internships,
not only are they learning the industry or the different science behind it, but they’re
also creating relationships with businesses that are local, and creating those relationships
is what’s gonna help them to get a job as they get out of the program. Anybody can do book work, but when you have
hands-on that’s when people tend to learn the most. I know I did as well. So I think it’s imperative that students,
and they start at the bottom up, so they know what it takes to plant a plant, how to care
for it, how to get it up to the steps to where you’re producing fruit and harvesting, packaging,
shipping. There’s a lot that comes into play in that,
so having the skill set and the technology behind them when they come into the work field
is very important. The professors here are awesome because they
are farmers, they’re in the ag field, and so they bring so much more to the classes
because they actually have been through it all. So it helps us a lot having that experience
in the classroom. Agriculture careers are growing by leaps and
bounds. It’s more than just the farmer in the fields. There’s the sales representatives, there’s
the engineers going through and making the equipment, the scientists figuring out the
crops to plant, how to treat the bugs. So there’s such a vast array of jobs. Students interested in the Ag Operations Program
should really consider it because instead of 300 students there’s a class of 20. It’s hands-on experience and state-of-the-art
technology. If you’re sitting on the fence it’s because
you don’t love what you’re doing, so you obviously need a change. So if you’re already considering this then
you’re already ready to step into it.

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