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Agriculture In Chalan Beel | চলন বিলে ধান চাষ | Hira Hayder

[Music] Viewers, it’s time to run again, so we are running again the lives of people in Natore district are very normal most of the people depend on agriculture and that reliance is a lot on the Chalan Beel Natore’s rivers and green nature are just as fascinating the Chalan Beel is more appealing than that lots of Shingra upazilas inside this Chalan Beel [Music] These strange wild flowers are found at Chalan Beel isn’t that nice? [Music] Where we are now located here is only water during the monsoon season there are reports in oral legend This is from Beel’s running water Its name is Chalan Chalan Beel’s way of life is twofold this place once held only huge water water in the water and now is the rice harvest season now the rice harvesting is underway and golden rice is being grown in the farmer’s field and I’ve come to show you that now Chalan Beel’s volume is 368 square kilometers a total of 22 beels, small and large, are combined with this Chalan Beel and through these 22 Beel Chalan Beel
It’s got such a hugeness the appearance of Chalan Beel is another in the dry season scenes of paddy harvesting, grinding and harvesting of paddy are regularly seen in the farmer’s house [Music] This is called rice padding have you ever done this in your life ? if you haven’t, you will do it once in life [Music] Rice is being dried in the sun [Music] The rice is soaked before it is cooked to boil [Music]


  1. Aaisha's Crazy Planet Author

    Woah!!!!😧😨😵😲What a place!😰😱😱Is this in bangladesh!?😬😳😰🤣 The place is so awesome!!!! 😇😇😇The Bill is said to be always fill of water how come its totally dry now?!🤕🤕🤕That's so mysterious😈😈😈…. well IDK why all ur videos are so intresting and I really really wanna see more!!😄😄😄I wanna see more!!😄😄😄

  2. Kazi Kamal Uddin Author

    I visited that place many years ago, that time that Chalan Beel was full of water. I really appreciate & enjoyed your video.


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