Agriculture MCQ -CWC JTA/FCI AG-III(Technical)


  1. Rame gowda

    Sir plz give ans that's enough no need of explanation since agri graduates only want this mcq they will have that much knowledge about the subject and also u can give more no of questions

  2. Muskan Soni

    NAMSTE sir thank you very much for this important video.please make more videos like this .mixed videos will more useful for us .i was waiting for your video and please if possible make atlest one video everydayt beacuse there are only few days left.

  3. bhanu prasanna

    Very nice and informative sir. Kindly make one video on elements deficiency and symptoms, critical stages of crops, and practices like nipping, notching, wrapping etc.. like plz do videos on these 3 topics sir and provide pdf also


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