1. rogelio hernandez gonzalez

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  2. Joyance Tech


    Every nozzle of Joyance drones is under propeller, most effective.

    Ordinary drone, usually it is equiped with horizontal spraying pole, only nozzles below the drone are effective

    As every nozzle of Joyance drones is under the propeller, so the chemical fog can be directly sprayed to all levels of the crop. This is possible due to the strong air flow generated by the propellers, so every nozzle is highly effective.


  3. Joyance Tech


    15L spraying drone, drone width 2.65m, spraying width 5~7m.
    10L spraying drone, drone width 1.8m, spraying width 4~6m.


  4. Joyance Tech

    Joyance drones have semi-automatic intelligent spraying method, even a novice can operate the spraying drone very easily and efficiently.

    A single finger can operate the drones forward and reverse movement at an assigned speed, while maintaining the same altitude.

    The spraying width and trajectory can also be changed by a single finger.

    The computer software utilized to program the flying speed and width is supplied free with all our drones.


  5. Joyance Tech

    Shandong Joyance Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise, we have a professional R&D team, we have spent four years in researching and developing agricultural sprayer drones. We concentrate on commercial grade unmanned aerial vehicles and UAV application solutions.

    We have a registered capital of 60 million RMB, with a production capacity of 100 units of agriculture drones per month.

    We choose high grade key parts, to ensure stable and reliable quality, we utilize advanced production technology to ensure every drone from Joyance is well crafted!

    Our mission is to make the drones that farmers desire.


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