Agriculture students cry for their results

on one hand Sanjivani sugar factory is going to be closed and on the other hand go our university is playing with the future of a full batch of 37 agriculture students their results were to be announced in May but till date no results are announced University is busy raising technical queries these 37 students are final year had joined on Moscow College of Agriculture in Seoul corner four years ago with a great hope but even answering all the eight semesters they have no degree in their hand can either apply for a job nor pursued a master's degree first on 9 June the assistant registrar promised them result within a week and now they say they have raised some queries watch the fate of future agriculturists of Goa the university is saying the ordinance is not given or approved by the governor and even the Commodore which was a call is supposed to give about the result was not given College has given the format in the month of September the transcript and the syllabus copy was given even the result from first we have eight semesters total so from the first two seven semester though other results were give submitted in Dessau in December 11th of December and even the 8th semester was submitted in March along with the passing certificate because we're talking 30 to an apply for the provisional degree certificate and even that they will not give it to us and if you require even for transcripts they they say that the mark she comes applied by the college and on the University so they will not even such as they will not supplies give us the suppose the transcripts show us how it is done least he should put up in Panaji

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