1. haris s

    Very educational for young people … when Indonesian youth are given the opportunity by Israel to participate in learning. I'm from Toraja Indonesia

  2. Rev. Isaac Chengula

    I am frozen! Come on, can I get someone interested in crossing borders to Tanzania where I could show you a hundred hectares of virgin fields on the river banks? Kindly just send me one or two experts to orient me to make a difference in my country! Please, Pleasee, pleaaaaase take me serious on this!!! You can reach me at +255 754 677 487/625992346 or email [email protected]

  3. Yashoda Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd.

    Hello sir

    I want to join your team
    Ho can I join plz send me your contact info and address

    Also send me about the qualifications

  4. ludush201

    Hi im from israel and i want to warn you its just a way to get more cheap workers!!! You will come to work a lot and study just a little bit , and you will not earn even the minimun wage in israel.
    Israel now is mostly rasist and never was polite .
    Yes israel have great tecnology but is ruled by big companies that dont care about people

  5. vv satyanarayana B

    Hello sir,
    I want to join in that programme.could please give me information how to join in that course.and let me know the fee details also


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