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Alberta Young Speakers Agriculture 2017

Now more than ever, farmers have to learn a new skill. They have to be PR people in addition to actually learning the tricks of the trade on the farm. Speaker: Farmers are better able to feed the world today than ever before. Now it’s a requirement of the industry, even on a family farm to help get the message out about what you do, and the importance of what you do, to the everyday public Speaker: You can see the deep passion for agriculture that’s burning. Once upon a time that just wasn’t a requirement, so to see so many very talented young people taking up the mantle, we’re all better for it. Not just the farmers. We’re all going to lose if we don’t have a sound understanding of where our food comes from, what’s good for us what’s not what is good … for our country. We are so excited to give our youth the opportunity to speak out about the industry and speak on behalf of the industry. Speaker: What’s exciting about this next generation is they are so passionate. They ask questions, and they pursue what’s really important. This is the future of farming, and the future is bright.

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