1. taserrr

    So if it doesn't bother you to pay 20 dollars extra a month why not save the trouble of farming and just buy gold and sell that for silver instead?

  2. itchin4scratches

    im playing i love the game but uh this is major pay to win considering that one guy …is just gonna pullout 250 bux on top of his 100 dollar founder pack and get his guild to t6 in a few days. anybody wanna argue with me and convince me thats its not pay to win like most mmos!?

  3. Michael Lind

    Wonderful guide, great thoughts and a pleasant voice!

    Just one tip: Make sure you counter the "air-puffs" that happen when you put extra punch in on words.
    Thank you

  4. Suzette Wilson

    i really wanted to watch this vid but your mic was poppin way too much! looks like you know what youre doin though so good job on that!


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