1. Ricky Morales Author

    Rap God lyrics:
    Samma lamma dumma lamma you assuming I'ma human what I got to get it though to you I'm superhuman inivatid made of rubber so that anything you say to me is ricochet of of me and it will glue to you I'm deviation more than ever demonstrating how to give a mother f***ing audience I'm feeling like it's levitating never fading and I know the hater's are forever waiting for the day that they could say I'd fell of they'd be celebrating cause I know the way to get them motivated I make elevating music you make elevator music

  2. WubZTech Author

    Links little dance at the start made me think of the timeline where these guys have one of those really cliche talk shows where they dance on to the stage

  3. Roy Thomas Author

    It's definitely cows on a plane, not plain, but also not plane. It's planar, but not airborne, unless the planar space is somehow flying, hovering, or otherwise suspended above the more typical ground plane.


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