1. Jhesika Swan

    What azalea banks or whatever her name is would make more sense if she was sitting up there with straight hair that white ppl usually have 🤔

  2. Joe Jones

    Just because a specific style can serve or be born from a function does not mean it’s excluded from being a form of expression from anyone. Jeans were originally created for coal miners because work in the mines was hell on the other pant options at the time. Jeans were born out of necessity but it eventually merged into style and fashion because thats simply what happens. If any person of any color wants to have dreads or cornrows because they’re simply choosing to express themselves it is NOT appropriation. If they’re using it for a costume or to mock then that is a completely different story and wrong.

  3. HlddenTalent

    That hidden message at the end was so powerful and I noticed how a lot of people in the comment section are looking over this. This is exactly what the movie Get Out was trying to say it had a hidden message.. Pretty much when the white girl walked into the cabinet. She Instantly noticed a black girl twerking and trying to maintain a fire. But instead the video zoomed in the white girl looking at her baby hair instead. This symbolized how white woman try to act black and the black girl trying to maintain the fire symbolized how they look pass black people struggle instead they only see her as a Trend… Then you see the same girl shopping in the store looking at black faces. She had a chose to choose between the hair or the eye lashes. The eye lashes is another hidden gym because for so many years black women have always worn long eye lashes, baby hairs, twerking tradition, braids, and etc… This is 1,000 percent a connection to the Kardashians what I mean by that is the Kardashians steal black culture habits, pass it off as their idea, they make profit off this from white women because they think the Kardashians are being original about their whole entire look when it's a fact a copy of black culture and they get famous off using black women looks. Majority of the Kardashians friends are black.. This is what black people mean by white girls be trying to act black now… The movie Get out was trying to explain this very stuff.. Also I'm not being racist I'm speaking what the video itself is. But whites can't see this because they aren't as open to the rest of the world only is what being shown on TV. Also not all whites are like this I'm speaking mainly on who the message is presented to…. This is regarding J cole middle child video

  4. Chris smith

    My question to my peoples(black people) "Why do we as people keep entertaining people who dont like us?" I know I'm not the only person who think this way. A lot of people in this country seem to love everything about black culture and hate black people at the same time. If that isn't crazy, I dont wtf is..

  5. bluestarsilver

    Go to Africa, look at some indigenous tribes, they dont have nikes, diamond studded earrings, clothes, or makeup. So who is guilty of cultural appropriation?

  6. Pegasus

    I don't agree with 100% of what this woman says, but I also have to admit that there is a lot that she understands that is over my head.
    And on the whole, she is AMAZING. Her humanity, insight, and integrity are what we need more of in this world.

  7. Easy Bake Ovens!

    I'm not gonna bother watching this shit, but is she complaining about whites being in hip hop and wearing dreadlocks? Dreadlocks have been seen in every culture. Using your logic, you shouldn't be able to wear make-up, speak English, drive a car, go to a university, have shampoo, and uh, y'know, have rights.

  8. Liza OG

    Well I agree with her to an extent, that we shouldn't think that cornrows and stuff are something new, and white people didn't create it. But do we really have to know the history about everything? Like I barely know the history of smartphones, so is it bad that I use one? How I look at it, you should be able to take part of any culture as long as you don't make fun of it and are aware that it's not a trend, and know if your race did or didn't create it and respect the people who did create it.

  9. Johnnie Williams

    Technically Satan applied the culture of taj that is my people that are called tasians and applied that knowledge to make you seem more distinct for those of you who don't know what tasians are our features are intermediate between. Africans or African Americans and Asians I guess you could say that we are black Asians or asiatic black people it's the same to us but anyway the culture of African Americans is a rip off of my culture

  10. rubanu msp

    i love amandla. but honestly, it is a hairstyle! it shouldnt be described as black. it isnt like she claimed she was black, like woahvicky, or was constantly disrespectful to black people. she just got a hairstyle, because she thought it looked cute.
    anyway, continue on children

  11. c z a swank

    Just scrolling down the comment section and seeing the majority of white people dodge the entire meaning behind this video and what it says behind cultural appropriation, amusing.

  12. TROOT


  13. Lucarelli Genesis

    Where does this nonsense end? I’m an English speaker. Cristiano Ronaldo’s first language is Portuguese. Should I somehow be offended everytime he speaks English because it’s not culturally his? I think it’s time millennials all wake up and just drop this utter shit

  14. Lucarelli Genesis

    On the flip side, why can’t people who take something that isn’t culturally there’s and make it better be praised. If a black person looks shit with cornrows but a Chinese guy doesn’t, don’t beat up the Chinese guy for looking cooler than an ice cube

  15. gladtobeangry

    Lives in a police state that is actively genociding black people on the streets. Chooses to get angry about white people liking hip hop.

    Priorities, anyone….?

  16. josoverthehill

    So why is it "cultural appropriation" when a white person wears cornrows, but it ISN'T "cultural appropriation" when a black person straightens their hair? And considering imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, isn't it a POSITIVE mark to black culture that other people want to emulate it? A little hypocritical, methinks?


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