Amazing Agriculture Technology – Goat Milking Rotary

[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] si si sheep and goat carousel is a smart and functional milking plant which both as a workplace and as a production unit has an extremely high quality it is produced in durable stainless materials on a load-bearing construction of galvanized steel via the centrally situated assembly area the animals quickly arrived at the milking parlor and the parlors easy-to-operate control panel is positioned so that the Milka always has a full view of the animals entering and leaving the milking carousel is equipped with si C's unique handy flow teat cups that with vacuum automation prevent air intake on attachment and prevent vacuum swings if an animal kicks the teat cup off during milking the automatic remover is positioned just above the milking station and this leads to easy removal and simple operation during milking the feed plant has automatic refilling and is situated by the entrance to the carousel at the same time as the animal enters the milking parlor and is tethered the measured portion of feed is put out in the trough this leads to effective traffic into the parlour where the animals stay calm at the milking station the empty trough disappears at the exit and the animals leave the carousel without problems the internal milking carousel is a very effective workplace because the milkers only have to move a few paces while working access is convenient when the goats are positioned in the internal carousel with 48 milking stations the SA see sheep and goat carousel has a quite huge capacity with two milkers on duty in practice about 500 animals an hour can be milked in this efficiently operating plant the Handy flow teat cup is developed following a completely new principle where the rubber teats liner the teat cup shell and the milk claw are assembled in one compact unit leading to an effective milking and to gentle treatment of the milk this integrated milk claw ensures that the milk is evacuated quickly thereby avoiding harmful teat wash handy flows automatic vacuum valve means that no air admission during attachment and removal can occur the light weight of the teat cups ease the milkers workload and not least enable quick problem-free attachment and automatic removal ese sees sheep and goat carousel is an intelligent milking plant where high productivity goes hand in hand with high milk quality gentle milking well-laid-out workplaces for the milkers and naturally good conditions for the animals the plant is easy to keep clean and is an optimal solution for the busy productive daily round where quality is the main issue throughout you


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    well I think it is great . the only thing I did not see was some 1 or some thing wash the goats bag before they put the machine on the goat. I want to see how they wash the goats milk bag. it seems I spoke to soon at the end I see what they are doing.

  7. Sandeep Hinge

    शेळी कोणत्या जातीची आहे व किती दुध देते आणि खुराख काय


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