Amazing Modern Agriculture Vegetable Harvesting Technology Compilation #1


  1. حارث عبد

    اولا وقت القطق خطأ. وقت قطف هذا المحصول يجيب ان يكون في وقتين اما غروب واما فجر لان الجو حا.. ثانيا طريقه عمل العمال خطأ لانه يقوم بقطف المنتوج بسرعه وبقوه مايتسبب بكسر او تلف في النبته لان حسب مارأينه بأن النبته تحتاج إلى سقي وذبلال اوراقها دليل على ذالك

  2. Dane Slater

    Produce of USA? I've been seeing that a lot in styrofoam and boxes of raw fruit products and I thought "Not really, it came from or repacked by a country where English is not their main language". Or is "produce of" right? Not "produced by" or "product of"?

  3. Hans Schuster

    The vegetable picking-up in the field is a back-hurting operation, like they say "repetitive strain injury (RSI)", and back problems would emerge when those workers get old. The employer may either say "I just don't care" or find a solution such as those adopted in the vertical agriculture.


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