1. mr moose

    Latin people are the hardest labor workers I have ever worked with , I have been doing roofing work for 35 yes. They will work untill their fingers are to the bone. I just wish that it was easier for me to communicate with them cause I know little Spanish, just enough to get me by I guess but still wish I knew it better

  2. Pius Horning

    a lot of hands on labor so wal mart can get the size melon they want so they can sell for flat fee. around here farmers had to put in special equipment so they could get some of the wal mart money

  3. C. T.

    I hope I may work for this company, so that I can eat watermelon very very much and cheap. Watermelon is my favorite fruit, which is juicy, sweet and beautiful.

  4. Chomo Zamo

    Que comentarios de algunos, si se emplean ttrabajadores,,,, es esclavitud, explotación humana……si se emplea maquinaria…. es injusticia, por eliminar la mano obra, no pagar beneficios a los trabajadores, en deterioro de la economia familiar. todas éstas opiniones encontradas, provienen de personas resentidas, que ven lo malo – bueno, y lo bueno-malo, lo blanco- negro, y lo negro-blano, éstos sujetos jamás encuentran la cordura, para poder llevar su vida en paz.


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