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Amazon Solar Farms US East

In November 2014, we announced a long term goal to power the global AWS infrastructure with 100% renewable energy, and set a goal to achieve at least 40% by the end of 2016. With the renewable energy projects we’ve announced to date, we are on track to exceed that goal. AWS has now set a new goal to be powered by 50% renewable energy by the end of 2017. Over the past 2 years, AWS has signed power purchase agreements enabling 4 new wind farms and 6 new solar farms in the US. These 6 solar projects make AWS the largest corporate backer of solar power projects east of the Mississippi. Amazon Solar Farm U.S. East is an 80 megawatt solar farm in Virginia. This is now the largest solar field in the entire mid-Atlantic region. I want to thank Dominion and Amazon for coming together. 260 megawatts of new solar here in the commonwealth of Virginia. It’s great for the environment, it’s also a great job creator. When you think about it – 6 counties now, hundreds of new jobs, good-paying jobs. It has taken literally Virginia from zero to leading the nation, saying this is the right thing to do. We are able to employ about 300 people here in the county with the project. It does a lot for the economy. That money is going to go to a lot of places, particularly schools and education. Dominion Virginia Power is a very important partner for us. We have worked hand in hand with them to develop a special contract that helps us integrate our renewable investments into our broader portfolio of power purchases. Amazon is a very big customer of ours. They’ve been very interested in growing the amount of the electricity they use to power those data centers from renewable sources. We’ve been doing everything we can to help them with that. And these new solar farm contracts are something that Amazon is showing the rest of the business community in the country how to go about doing business like this. Together, AWS’s 10 renewable energy projects will generate a total of 2.6 million megawatt hours of energy annually. With our solar farms totaling 260 megawatts, Virginia has quickly become a leader in solar development. This is great news for Amazon, a company committed to sustainability. We also will strongly encourage our partners and government to advance policies that continue to help renewable projects get off the ground.


  1. condew Author

    It's a shame how much farm land is being destroyed for housing, office parks, and now solar. In a sane world, massive solar solar like this would be confined to desert regions with no farming potential, and probably more cloudless days.

  2. Yoni Binstock Author

    If you're interested in joining the solar industry, I highly recommend checking out the Udemy course "How To Get a Job in The Solar Industry The Top Course for Professionals and Students Who Want a Great Paying Career in The Solar Energy Field"

  3. karen l Smith Author

    I like all those dead trees where dominion dumps the toxic waste. Our tap water is ruined and it's very expensive to try and get those nano particles out. Look up space solar panels and see how is this really is for earth and life.


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