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its 10 pm I am in Tonkawa, Oklahoma Thanks to Sonu, the Punjabi trucker He was the first Punjabi trucker who offered me a ride I have just ordered this This is Mexican food I bought it from ‘Taco Bell’ cost 2.99 USD Looks good. Now I am going to eat this its 12:30 am I got a ride again! Until now I had to wait for hours to get a ride I am surprised how easily today I am getting the rides! I was sitting in the Driver’s lounge Suddenly I saw him I asked him – Are you a Punjabi? Now whenever I see a Punjabi, It feels I will get the ride Meet Mr Iqbal I am going to stay in his truck Tomorrow morning we will start our journey for Nebraska For last 2 days I was sleeping in the Truck stops Today, It was going to be the third night But you came to my rescue He is going to sleep there This is not less than a Business class for me! The bed is so wide & comfortable THEY PROVIDE LOT OF FACILITIES FOR THE DRIVERS THIS HELPS THEM IN THE LONG DRIVES THEY STAY AWAY FROM THEIR HOMES CONTINUOUSLY FOR DAYS I DONT HAVE MY FAMILY HERE IN AMERICA I STAY IN CALIFORNIA I GO THERE ONLY AFTER 6-7 DAYS SO THESE FACILITIES MATTERS A LOT TO DRIVERS LIKE ME WE HAVE REFRIGERATORS, MICROWAVE OVEN… EVEN TVs IN SUCH TRUCKS its 9:50 am Another day This is a shower room here is a Laundry … driver’s lounge This looks like a small market Oklahoma is beautiful Farms… as far as I can see This is Iqbal’s truck Breakfast time I am making oats which I bought from Dollar Tree, Miami Yesterday, I took hot water from a coffee machine to prepare oats I can see a lot of trucks on the highway… We are also going there now Lets enjoy the views … These sceneries remind me of Chuscky Tract, Altai Mountains in Russia USA has successfully maintained a balance between nature and infrastructural development There is Manhattan, New York which is a concrete jungle, still looks beautiful on the other side is Kansas, So natural There is a lot to see in USA One month is very less to see all those places I think, even USA knows this… That is why they give you a 10-year visa with multiple entries USA is beautiful People are different Those who didn’t give me ride, they had some apprehensions because of the scenario developed by the mainstream media They were scared, So I had to face problems in getting rides Iqbal is also an American citizen He is originally from Ambala, Haryana Just like him, people from different countries came here and became citizen People from India, Pakistan, Mexico, European
& Africa countries… They all have come here and stay together in harmony They all believe in the constitution of this country Since I arrived in USA, I didn’t see anyone breaking the traffic rules But this doesn’t mean that USA is a perfect country There a lot of things which I feel needs to be corrected People no more trust each other This is a dangerous trend We have become self-centered and the same is happening in our country now we are getting Americanised in this sense We are humans. Lets stay as human beings Lets learn good things from USA and teach them something good whatever we have This is how the world should work! I am enjoying this its 2 pm. We are in Kansas I am going in a Dollar General store.. Its like Dollar tree I asked Iqbal to stop here so that I can buy things to eat for my next 2-3 days Dollar Tree offers everything in 1 USD whereas here it starts from 1 USD I am purchasing Cheese slices, Granola bars and a bread I am making the payment of 5.70 USD See how big is that tractor! THEY HAVE AC, HEATING IN THE TRACTORS CABIN Wherever you stay in USA…
on a mountain or anywhere… you will get electricity and water at your place even if your house is miles away from other localities… You’ll get these basic things This is US 75 highway We are crossing a small town OUR BLOOD’S COLOR IS SAME WE ALSO EAT THE SAME FOOD WHAT PAKISTANIS EAT STILL, WE KEEP FIGHT IN THE NAME OF RELIGION, COUNTRY, ETC.. WHY OTHER COUNTRIES ARE MORE PROSPEROUS !! COUNTRIES LIKE USA DONT DISCRIMINATE THATS WHY THEY DEVELOPED JUST BECAUSE OF THESE REASONS INDIA AND PAKISTAN ARE STILL NOT DEVELOPED THEY DISCRIMINATE ON BASIS OF CASTE, ETC… IN USA, EVERYONE IS TREATED EQUALLY ALL HAVE EQUAL RIGHTS EVERYONE DOES HARD WORK AND EARN EVERYONE PAY TAX IN INDIA, PEOPLE DEPEND ON OTHERS FOR SURVIVAL HERE… EVERY FAMILY MEMBER EARNS ON THEIR OWN THEY LIVE INDEPENDENT LIFE THEY DON’T DISCRIMINATE IN THE TYPE OF JOBS HERE, EVERYONE PAYS THEIR OWN BILL IN A RESTAURANT, EVEN IF THEY ARE A FAMILY Wow! I am surprised! I HAVE WORKED IN A RESTAURANT IN NEW JERSEY I just want to say…. Despite of all odds in the Indians, we have a lot of good qualities and if we start learning some more good things from others… then I think we can become better as you said there are a lot of good things in USA… if we imbibe those good things in our Indian society then things will improve a lot its written here… Little by Little A little effort to bring change from everyone can bring a great change While travelling in USA, I learnt… If you start doing a job without considering it as a ‘small job’… then you can help yourself, your society and your country its 4:40 pm He is going to leave now This November, he is coming back in India after 9 years He didn’t see his parents for these 9 years I can’t even think how it feels not seeing your parents for so long!


  1. sweet girl Author

    One more saturday ,one more vlog….as usual ,apne andar sari khoobsurati samete hue,chahe woh baaton ki ho ya fir raaste ki….the smile when u got other lift instantly was ….enough to express ur happiness and thankfulness to the person or GOD even…and then all the scenic beauty….that came later ….just made me felt ,if I m sitting there with the window pane down nd my chin on the edge of the window nd feeling the breeze right on my face,nd seeing the beauty of nature ryt through my eyes,nd surely cities are good but actual beauty lies in the villages with calmness nd away from hustle and bustle…also ur talks with the Iqbal bhai …just summarise ,life is very simple to live if we just start taking care of each other rather than making it complex with all unnecessary issues like big,small,good,bad,black or white….

    One more treat to eyes….beauty that seeps in through eyes….nd make your soul calm….!!!!!

    Need to talk to u….plz guide.

  2. Asfand shah (bunny) Author

    Bauht kamal baat ki ha app na bhai! Ya Pakistan, ya india to abb shurhu hua sirf 70 saal phelhay meri nani delhi ka baray main batati hain bhuth khubsurat ha… bhai ya difference to sirf 70 saal ka ha waisay bahir jahan bhi jao log pakistani ko indian or indian ko pakistani hi samjhthay! Ya ham hain jo differences create kiya huay hain

  3. Worldwide Travel Author

    Lge hath ekbal bhai se puch lete wo kitna weakly earn kr lete h hum logo ko ek compliment mil jata 😉 baki both are great bro

  4. rishi Author

    Very nice message of human experiences in developed world the whole video conveys …..other than the entertainment element in the sightseeing that comes with Iqbal's trucking. Thanks to Mountaintrekker for this nice experience to a viewer like me in India.

  5. Surid Paudyal Author

    Hi varun,aapne equbaal vaai se travelling ke dauran nahi puxa ki kitne saal se truck chala rahe ho.aur aapka selery kitni hoti hai monthly usa kab aye?agar aapne puxa hai to game v share karo na plz?

  6. nirmal prim Author

    Iqbal in a small chat in the end gave a strong message for us Indians to reflect. How does a country become great ? Or we may choose to think that we are already great and no need to take lessons from anyone

  7. Pdh 0001 Author

    Russia.. Canada.. sab..jagah…paji.hi.paji…👌👌👌👍

  8. fatima baji Author

    I really felt you relax even most relaxing ride with iqbal…. I really enjoying 10000 miles videos
    You teach me something… I love like these adventure one day i make like these … thanku mountain travler stay bless

  9. raul Author

    There's a reason why people feel unsafe in usa at times. My boss who is VP in a travel company in Mumbai, frequently visits usa, mainly Boston. There's an area in Boston where people can roam freely during the day but as night falls, streets get empty as drug dealers (mostly negros) come out for drug trading and these guys are really really bad, they can kill anybody if feel threatened. My boss used to stay in an apartment on that street and he was stunned to see stuff like this in such a powerful nation.

  10. Arctic Circle Author

    Wah Dr Varun Mai waisae tum sae bahad mutasir hoonhi. Per jo bat aap ne kahi ashaheensulta ka gap hamare yahan bahot badh gaya hai. Hamare principles like atithi devobhave ab I feel we are getting away from it.

  11. Valerie Pritt Author

    I like your blogs. They give a fair even minded assessment of my country, pros and cons. And yes we need to learn from each other.

    Trust has diminished in my country since the day of Sep. 11th. Hope we all take media news with a grain of sand in countries all over.

    Hope you had a memorable experience!

  12. hamed100 Author

    13.40. You get invited to a birthday party at a restaurant. All guests are expected to pay their own bill. Except for the birthday cake.

  13. hamed100 Author

    I would not be surprised if Iqbal Bhai is Pakistani. Indians and Pakistanis are known to get along Bhai Bhai when they are overseas. They fight only when they are back home.

  14. Jitamber Bedi Author

    I am a trucker and I drive between Los Angeles and the Mid West . Its interesting to see that what is routine for me is a novelty for somebody else.

  15. Saurabh Sharma Author

    What did u do in 30 days in USA? I mean apart from sleeping in rest areas and travelling in trucks. Just a though – do u think u wasted 30 precious days in US??

  16. Ravinder singh Author

    ahh baniya kithe bitha lya truck upr bro. eh ta paise e ginda rehnda har tm ena da saman a mehga a sasta ehi sab krda rehnda. baniya wla hisab kitab a esda

  17. Ravinder singh Author

    sari duniya gum lya hona baniya par 1.M sub nahi hye esde. vekhya jdo eh bread wgra lenda c us tm v paisa da hisab kitab dekhda c. es da kam e ehi a

  18. Manish kumar Author

    At first I wanna to thank u a lot….. Sir m student and whenever I got holidays than that time I usually see ur videos….to celebrate my holidays thats give me peace, knowledge and give opportunity to see the world closer….
    Today's best quote is…. Little by little. Tnx sir lots of ♥️♥️♥️ for u

  19. Manish kumar Author

    And one most important thing I forget to mention in my first comment is…. आपके videos में मैंने सबसे ज्यादा लोगों के सकारात्मक जवाब देखे हैं, जिससे दूसरों को एक नई ऊर्जा और प्रेरणा मिलती है।

  20. Vishal kumar diwakar Author

    india me jaati choti caste badi caste kabhi nahi khatam hogi..log apni gaadi pe likhwa ke goomte hai rajpoot gurjar brahman to kaise aage badhenge


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