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An ‘Awesome’ View At America’s First Offshore Wind Farm | The Daily 360 | The New York Times

This is the first offshore wind
farm in the United States. It’s still small.
Only five turbines. But can power about 17,000
homes on Block Island, about four miles away. That guy in the orange helmet
is Paul Murphy. He’s a civil engineer who
helped design the Block Island wind farm
and does routine inspections, like you see here. He says this project could just
be the beginning of what’s to come. Onshore wind farm technician is
the fastest growing job in the U.S., according to the
Bureau of Labor Statistics. And Mr. Murphy predicts the
trend will expand to offshore, sites as well
and create thousands of jobs as the industry grows. For now, Block Island is the
testing ground for the future of offshore
wind farming. And working here, Mr. Murphy
says, comes with one obvious perk. My first thought is when I step
on the helideck and you’re 330 feet above the
sea looking at these turbines it’s a pretty awesome sight. It’s awesome because it’s a
real engineering achievement. And I think this is a real
environmental achievement.


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    360 degree video on desktop is annoying to work with. Please upload a normal version of the video when you do 360 videos.


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