1. ik Author

    Well done Liaquat Sb.
    My pray is Allah give success to Noble Dairy so that other Pakistanis also get courage.
    And Thanks God people will get any other business.

  2. John Vandonk Author

    You might look into cow comfort. The stalls seem short, with little lunge room in the front. Many cows were standing in the box stalls instead of laying. This may also add to feet problems

  3. TUFAIL HEERA Author

    It is extraordinary and superb video presentation. The same is delightful and also very knowledgeable.

    Your uploads are always very beautiful and completely different as compare with others.

    Thank you so much for exceptional upload.

  4. kamran ellahi Author

    How much you total invested in this farm . All expenses . So that i can get a general idea and start to make some money to invest in this business . DO you think that 30,000$ – 40,000$ is enough to invest . plz reply


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