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Angelonias paint pastel colors into your landscape

We stumbled upon a beautiful bed of
angelonia here today — so gorgeous — just a sea of pastel colors. You have white
lavender deep purple in a mauve. Just gorgeous. You could use one color to make
a striking statement in your landscape or mix it up like here. Just
gorgeous pastel colors. Angelonia is a low-maintenance, easy-care blooming
summer annual that’s just great for the landscape. If you’re planting in the heat
of the summer, you want to make sure that you water well for several weeks to get
it established. But once it’s established, angelonia can tolerate some drought. It
will bloom most profusely in the full sun. Angelonia is actually called summer
snap dragon, but don’t be confused. This baby does well in the heat. It can be
planted in partial shade. It will stay compact, and it will continue to bloom
all summer long into the fall. Deadheading is not required but
recommended just to continue to get more and more blooms. But you can just stick
this in the landscape and just enjoy the beautiful color.
For Get It Growing this is Heather Kirk -Ballard with the LSU AgCenter


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