Animal Care on Pig Farms: Morris Murphy Shows Why It’s His No. 1 Priority

I’m Morris Murphy, I’m a pig farmer, and I
want you to know that I care deeply about the animals on our farm. Only my family comes before my pigs. I’ve missed many special occasions in my life
because my pigs needed my attention. When hurricanes have knocked out power and
running water at my house, my pigs never go without power, food or water. I don’t say this in an effort to garner pity
but in an effort to show that my words are backed by my actions. The work I do happens inside of barns. This makes it difficult for people driving
by to see how much care my family and I put into our work with the pigs. But it’s these barns that make modern pig
farming so good at ensuring that pigs live in a constant, comfortable temperature, get
precise amounts of healthy food and water. Plus the barns protect them from dangers like
predators, disease and the elements. Modern pig farming is a mix of hard, blue-collar
work and complex data analysis. In addition, it is my responsibility to accept
the constant flow of new research so that I can swiftly adapt my farming practices to
suit the needs of my pigs. Why do I care about my pigs’ well-being so
much? It’s two-fold: 1.) This is something my community has made clear
is essential to them as consumers. 2.) And most importantly, taking care of my pigs
is the right thing to do. Period. I’m Morris Murphy, I’m a pig farmer. This is my We Care commitment. (Music)

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