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good morning everyone so yesterday we have discuss about some basic terms basic terms s words related to animal husbandry so today we were about to start our lecture using ID animal husbandry so first what we'll do we'll continue with the animal husbandry then we'll continue poultry then third lecture will be on the daily product and fourth lecture will be there on the fisheries right so in four lecture four four or five part will cover all of that from animal husbandry and as fisheries okay so now what is animal husbandry so we know about this word what is any well as Bentley so as we know if I'll say husbandry what is the meaning of husbandry means when we are domesticating animal when we are reading the animal for some economical purpose is it known as husbandry and then the word is added is animal so when we are rearing the animal for our purpose it is known as animal husbandry so what it says it says those domestic animal which are reared mostly for economic or for recreational purpose in any particular reason miss animal which are on the part of animal husbandry such as cattle Buffalo she go – yah camel pig horse dog poultry etcetera this whole can be the part of animal husbandry right now if I say I think I have asked the same question previously that which among the the first domesticated animal so the first domesticated animal was doke the next it says animal husbandry may be defined as a size as well as an art of management including scientific reading breeding housing health care of komal domestication domestic animal evening for the maximum return what kind of maximum return they can give you now this depends upon your choice how you are rearing those animals some animals are here for the meat purpose some are for the milk purpose of are for the egg purpose so this depends on our purpose that how we are rearing those animals but why we are managing these animals why we are studying all those all these things that what is the floor spacing required the pregnant cow what is the floor size required for the poultry so what why we are giving this recommendation just to increase their productivity then we just try to give them suffragette D they sufficient their requirement and after giving that we just agreed to increase our productivity that if a hand can give one twenty egg per a per year so definitely we will try to get 120 because that is its potential when we say about the blue revolution by Government of India has launched revolution already fishery sector was sufficient in India but they know that still we can increase the number of person in this sector we can still increase the money which is which we are getting from the fishing sector so they lost real ocean just to fully tap that pressure and potential then what we need to do that we need to capture all the potential whatever is available India so same here why we are managing this animal just to increase our return so in we're all these animals these are the part of Hannibal has ready and I hope so you know the scientific name of all these if you don't know I'll show you so before I start I will discuss some previous your questions after previous your question that will contribute the main lectures so questions our answers are already there so the quotient is dual purpose breed of cow in India so first of all we need to know what is the meaning of the quotient what is the meaning of dual purpose so if we divide the animal so and evil are mainly divided into three categories one is milk animal second one is draught animal and third one is dual purpose right so first of all what is built at evil Mills word is related to milk and so the animal which are reared for the milking purpose like if we say that we are rearing a cow and we need to increase a build production we are getting the milk production from its cow from that cow and we want more and more milk production so that cow is getting used for the building purpose that breed is known as main spirit so cows or animals or female cattle which are used for the bins purpose are known as milchig breed right the next one is drawn ready when I say about the wheels made so in case of Bill to breed the female animal is useful for us but the male animals are not useful why they are not useful because if I'll say about the male animal male animal are used for draught purpose and what is draught broad purpose means for draught purpose what is the meaning of draft draft wheeze when they will be used for the pulling force means when we are using them in the field so in the field operation they will complete those operations that we used to do by the tractors right so their main and even being animals of which breed milchig need their male animals are not imported are not useful for the draught purpose we cannot use them in the field of work this is why this breed these briefs are only used for the milking and only female are use is useful in the bill simply right so in case of building between their female animal will be high milk ill but their male animal will be poor used for the means there will be poor capability for that draft purpose right this is minute now second one is draught now this will be totally opposite when it means we did I was saying female is useful and male is not useful now opposite now intro'd breed really useful but female is comparatively less useful so in case of draught purpose the female is having very less reproduction but the male are except the male are used for the excellent work of draught purpose please they are used for the draught purpose means they can work in the field for fill in the field for the farm work right so those briefs which are not a higher milk user but they are good at rock wall they known as drawbridge now the next one is dual purpose dual purpose means again we do now they are used for the milk as well as for that road so animal or the breeds which are suitable for Bill karpas as well as for the draft purpose means those females I hi bill Keeler and their males are used for the good rough purpose are known as dual purpose breed now you know about the concept of what you need to do you just try to learn all the example of these grid what are the milchig read what other dog breeds what other dual purpose data will be given by me but you'll have to like this and I hope so now you can do this for this building read what is drawed breed what is dual purpose tree so here the question was dual purpose breed of cow in India so which among the following is dual purpose brief so here the exit options are given Haryana sympathy while we gear up with math so the right answer is here Haryana so Haryana is the dual purpose breed means Haryana breed can be used for the milk purpose as well as it can be used for the draft purpose now your question can be served what are the example of other these wheels they are dual purpose they had wrote or their bills Anna so I'll just explain in the further slides so if we talk about the Haryana breed of cow so Haryana breed of cow it was originated from the Roebuck hissa G in the air good gown district of haryana so as the name suggests had a sale had an average so it was only so it was originated from Northug hissa G the Guru cow district of haryana their whores are small and that's the size of horse is born actually I have entered a picture in the background but here it is not visible clearly so it just do one thing just suppose the video here go to Google search for Haryana breed of cow so if the images you can see the videos and after watching the video or sorry after watching the image now you can easily easily understand all these things because ads it's a holes are small so if you are just seeing the holes then you can easily add the search but not right now in life class is recorded class when you will see this again so at that time you can see so horses are small then next one is the bullocks are a good worker now how Bullock's are good work and because this is dual purple Rena so if it is dual purple breeze they're male as well as female both will be used so Bullock's are good purpose now what is the meeting of Bullock's are now we know very well bull are used for the service purpose and Bullock's are used for that rough purposeful and and castrated and bulls are bullocks are castrated so now these male and it was are castrated and they are used they are used to they use their energy in the secondary work that is farm work that is our purpose so it says the Bullock of the Haryana breed our good worker the nexus Haryana cows our goodwill he'll D or the average 1.5 kg per cow per day in a lactation period of 300 days so they are daily they are giving 1.5 kg milk per day right then the average milk eel is 600 to 800 kg per lactation right so this milk is note less or we cannot say this official this is comparatively less than the melting rate but still we can use their male in the field purpose so average will keel is 600 to 800 kg per lactation and that AFC is at first coming so when I say about the AFC age at first coming so the age at first coming is 40 to 60 once now if we know what is as I was telling you in the – so I told you the age of the heifer is 80 to 24 bus but again I told you out the heifer that what is the meaning of heifer which is mature and the a joules I did 24 but in sorting grid age is less and in this is read it is comparatively born because he is indigenous breed bees are they see guy Hanna indigenous breed take more time to get sexual maturity this is why their AFC will be comparatively more so in Haryana mean the age at first coming is 40 to 60 months then what is the meaning of dual purpose breed female is hi bill producer Bulls are active for draft purpose their female our highest higher bill producer not highest because highest will be melting rate but they are high will producer iske if we compare the same with the draft animal that bulls are active for that purpose actually this world is wrong here the world will be bollocks bollocks are used for the purpose then the cow in these breeds are average milky yielded and male animal are very useful for the world right so their cows are high will heal Direct Mail are very useful for the work the bill production where lactation is 500 to 1500 kg so here in the previous life for her ability it was saying 600 to 800 and now here it is saying 500 to 1500 so this is overlap on 31 purples we note about a specific one and in her eyes was around inside right example of this look so I can have full of dual purpose we dance on goal and Jana Sangh Terry power Parton Krishna Wendy Shakti and they were these hola Rosa forgive male are you for the draft work at the people are big purpose okay next the caution was taken from a fo 2016 his obligation to cautiously highest percentage of sand in bikini profanity so English Raffaello really found higher said the options were federally Bora Jafar avati soda Gadhafi the right answer here in Menominee photography is also known as acaba why it is known as adhara acaba is a distributive property right and this is related a oranges typically already the turf of the eight-hour display so this is why photography is also daughter Sita site for Bergama orotava breed of a fellow is heavy high inflation and the big Selfridges 6% to 12 I – that's what is amount of a family for fell movement has higher level effect next dose protein healthier and Wikipedia and so what level of with with e riboflavin and cholesterol so here you can see the mother every breed of Buffalo okay now we'll discuss about the BOD every build so before continue Abhilash you can listen to be very well now just give me feedback and you getting everything properly ok any doubt ill here occupy so when we talk about the but every breed of the Agera and it our district of uttar pradesh and Cavalia district of the Bethabara these are the originated place of the birth average then eyelids are generally copper or light brown in color now what is eyelids when we say about the eyelid so here these area these of the eyes and surrounding of the eyes of both every breeds are copper or light brown in the color that says two white lines ever now what is two white let several so here here this skin will be a skin will lose and it will be converted into the VFC structure actually it is not v-shape but it is loose so it will be almost look like VCF structure and that free safe structure is having white light and white color is there or that – – v-shape line so it says – white light javelin are present at the lower side of the deck similar to that of Schulte above hell no so this white line charrid can be found in the Madhavi as well as sooty so these light are on the skin that skin is loose this is why it is a pitch structure at that is no step now next one are black curling slightly outward so as you can see this is curling slightly out what is going like this so it's his horse asshole curling slightly outward before running back one now if they are curling like this now they will go inside means backwards then we also go but before running backwards they are curling downward right so slightly outward outward before running backward parallel and close to the neck and finally turning apart right then the average built heel of the bowdabra is 800 to 1000 kg so per lactation as I told you lactation cycle as well as dry cycle so this average is open lactation cycle note for a month or not for a year this lactation is for a this average is for a lactation cycle the average build yield is 800 mm kilogram right next the Bulldog are good draft a good road animal with the high heat tolerance so the bullocks are a good road animal and they are high heat tolerant animal then the fat content varies from six to one six to twelve point five percent this breed is an efficient converter of course feed into the butterfat and you also known as it hi butter of head good the next question was asked it AF for 2016 the question was which sheep here used in the best carpet wool right so the option for B canary Jessel very rubbery god–they or zero he so actually because at that time when student opinion exam so they were unable to answer because quotient was not difficult but what they have it just replace the word because generally beginner breed is in the doors or books they also rightly be cuddly it I'm not saying that they are not writing but in most of the North's a book I have seen that they are writing Megara now students were confused at which one is beacon ad so what they did they just use the signal this is why I added all the synonym of the grid so the best carpet wool out of um out of these five the big cuddly is used for the carpet rule purpose and other name are for the bigger areas Megara be canada Chocula or chuckle e Arabica redeem our body is also used for the carpet the be canary breed of ships of breed is largely found a beaker there Gesell male and shuru district of rajasthan medium to large in the size white faced with the brown patches around the eyes are a characteristics traits characteristics white face with brown eyes patches brown patches brown patches around the eyes are characteristics of which breed of B canary breed skin color is big because actually they are having wool but apart from that Valdez skin color is pink skin color is big ears are small to medium and tubular the ears are small as well as medium and they are tubular both sexes are pulled so both suck set up always there both sexes male as well as female are having hot tail is medium in length and thick so their tail is medium as well as length is less healthy then fleece what is fleece fleece is their rule had that their skin are not this him the hair which we are using for the whole purpose is it is known as fleece so fleece is of medium carpet quality extremely white and lustrous adult very dense because a ritual class trays have extremely wide and lustrous fleece and are suitable for the good quality carpet then was acid AF for 2018 examination question was which nutrient is available in highest percentage in poultry manure so the answer was calcium so what I will do again this question at this part is very important in 18 they have asked about the poultry manure in RVs so they have asked about the cattle when your as well as again poultry window so what I will give I'll give you the data in the table form is that tabular form you will have all the data maybe they will ask for calcium everything as for the earth Kell sulfur so by using that table you can compare all these side so look at this table so now here all the data it says nutrient content site in cattle manure in sheep manure in pig in horse as well as in poultry so now the main points are as well as highlighted so when we say in cattle value if it will say which among the following is highest in prime in case of primary and nutrients so it gives a primary NPK are primary so in primary highest is nitrogen but maybe it can say apart from primary maybe it will say second dream able to say my chloride when it raises I can see so now we will have to compare from these three Ana so out of these three now will have to answer is calcium right so it's four other question previously that asks about the poultry manure right so in case of poultry when they also poultry when your highest is calcium as you can see it is 17 to 69 and it will say lowest because it are lbs so this question was asked that the word is lowest in case of poultry meters in case of poultry when your lowest is 4 to 6 percent that is sulfur so here you are having all the data for cattle for she for big horse as well as ultimate next again from air for 2080 the question was asked which cow breed have a Halfmoon appearance of the horse right so here you can see half would appears the cow you can see you just need to know the name of this cow so the name of cow is gear so gear holes are giving half more appearance right when we say about the gear breed of cow so gear breed of cow is originated in the gear forests of South Korea are in the goodra right so it is a little fall degree for us this is why the breed is good or is that it in the gear forests of South Korea var in the Gujarat basic color of skin are white with dark red or chocolate brown patches or sometime sometimes black or purely red sometimes purely black or purely red whores are peculiarly curved having a half moon appearance for as the question will ask from this data that which breed is having Halfmoon appearance so gear ability of cow are having Halfmoon appearance that milky is if we say about the bill keel of the gear breed so under village condition it is giving 900 kg and under commercial farm well may have a proper management percussion aren't taken so the be a commercial farm milk yielding is 1600 kg that milk yields ranges from 1200 to 1800 kg is at first coughing so as we studied the age at first coming in her an agreed it was forty to sixty now again it is almost same henna so the age that false Kovac is three forty five to fifty four bus and in recovering period is five one five to six hundred days 550 to 600 days so there we have studies AFC and then that was AFC now AFC is forty five to fifty four months now what is in the coming here what is the video of intrical period when it will give the birth to one calf and after that again it will give the birth to the second calf now that intermediate period is known as inter calving period so it give a breed of cow the eight recovering period is 500 to 600 days we did know to learn like this 550 to 600 500 to 600 is okay they will not ask like this 500 five-thirty they will have to give this reference 500-550 or successor so if they will say 500 550 600 so we would mark the average that will be 500 of me then the next question was what is the flow space recommended for the one boiler the same question asked in a photo select 2018 so the question was asked for the floor spacing and flow spacing that should be in centimeter only right so in centimeter square for recommended for one blower broiler the space is 700 centimeter square so here you have the data flow space requirement per part so age light bead as well as family right so ages zero to eight week they reach 700 centimeter square for heavy bleed again 710 9 to 12 950 and heavy braided 1950 when 13 to 20 weeks of age library need 1900 centimeter but have a great lead 33 50 centimeter and 21 and above in light bridge 30 2300 to 2800 then 2800 to 3700 in case of heavy bleed the next one area recommended for the pregnant cow so this again this question was asked here for 2018 examination so they have asked the area required for the pregnant cows so area required for the pregnant cow so they asked about the one part only so I have added all the three parts one is major space second discover space third one is open area but again before we or before we answer this question we need to know what are the meaning of these because we know what is covered area but why we are providing open area and what is beds or space so bad what is the meaning of major space ventures space the major space the video vector space the eating area and the where we are providing the feeding to our animal that area is known as major space so the major C is mental space recommendation for the pregnant cow is one to 1.2 meter and again make sure there is one recommended from recommendation of navarre sign that is feeding of pregnant cow maybe there are one pregnant cow in the heart maybe two or three that should be individual feeding what our farmer are used to do if you had a heavy in your hopes so you have seen so many times that we are providing free to the animal in one area only maybe they are they are too edible they are 5 or they are tied at1 so this is highly restricted by that Navarre the bard give recommendation to the for the feeding that feeding should be individually it usually bees we are providing a different different feeding to that different animals why it is different different maybe that requirement is same the two animals have pregnant cows so two animals for pregnant cows are freely requirement is same but we did know to give the feeding space as a whole so we'll have to separate that managers face so this is why the recommendation given for each cow so for the pregnant cows the benzo space the eating space or feeding space is one to 1.2 meter the next one is covered in your so covered area means that shed area where they will use to stay that is 8 point 5 to 10 square meter 10 meter square or square meter you can say Anna that's a pregnant cow their open area so open area is more than covered area and one more doubt why we did cooperate here open area so generally in our village because when I say animal has bad 3 so animal husbandry it idea is divided into 3 sector one is organized second one is unorganized and third one is migratory what is a video migratory when we used to see that animals are not bring up the road they are taking here and therefore the finding purpose so that is migratory and what is organized or unorganized so the big dairy farm the big animal husbandry farm those are organized sector but the animal we are having in our house that is unorganized sector so in our house what we used to do we used to take the animal outside for the drinking purpose sometimes for the feeding purpose as well so they don't need open area why because open area is needed for their exercise so when they are going outside so of course exercise is done so we did not anything for them if we are hearing them if we add the beste get into them in our hope but when we say about the organized sector you know organized sector they are not taking them outside so in organized sector they also need exercise over the exercise purpose will be reading open area and open area requirement for the pregnant cow is 50 to 20 meter square right so now this is the data for pregnant cow pens pee is 1 to 1 by 2 meter covered area is 8 by 5 – square meter and open area Street built on this fire meter the next question was again at 180 they have asked the I got out of 1660 from anywhere as badly so next question was param of so virus is responsible for the radnik here this is which Institute developed our to be vaccine against than the hey this is of the poultry right so this vaccination was developed by the IVR right now we know about the IVR I worked in the speciality with the IVR and so I will tell you about the IVR I as well but this vaccination of all developed by the IVR i but before i discuss this question let me tell you one thing because right now you're taking my online classes and the will have to make a strong strategy because generally what student the / student do they just focus the pattern of the previous year that how they asked the question previous here they just focus on the same but this is wrong strategy we need know to focus on the previous year what i am doing this year i'm just trying to cover all the part maybe that is some carrot maybe that you some general or maybe that is anyone else material i can want to be everything is important if someone is thinking and to petha is not important that's completely wrong we cannot predict how they are going to ask the question and terminology so of course important when we say that doubling the farmers incomes of how we can double the farmers income if we will be able to literally do lose the disease or if we will be able to reduce the attack of the inside with the farmers income so ento methods are key and important but why I am telling you the same at this point because if we say that sir we need to cover Oh all these vaccinations with my development which institution so I'll give you one more example in RB 2019 and they asked question they asked one question from the Austral cycle the stages of the Austral cycle so when student came back so they asked me sir we were not having the data for this question so just try to cover for our afo examination i simply said no no I'm not going to cover this why we did know to cover this because if you will target then e in the air photos and 819 we will cover 60 out of 60 so this is impossible task we can don't do that Hannah so our target should be 35 or 40 caution and definite from our notes on from our current affair notes as well as from our lecture and that book test is because book tests it is also imported we are having almost 70 work test series 70 mock tests will 70 into 60 so more than 5000 question we are having so out of all these all said definitely we are going to cover 30 + 35 + question by anyhow maybe from wherever they are going to ask and I definitely will cover more than 35 but what do you need to do what you need to do just make a smart strategy the things which cannot be covered just leave them but the things which can be covered cover them properly so here when it asks about the vaccine and if I in the IRB when they asked him about the Austral cycle so smart studies he is that we should leave those question why because we can know to cover if you will if we will go by the these type of question that will not all the vaccine will the cycle of obese or star cycle stage of all cycles so it will be so much difficult for us we cannot study all the Greek culture but of course it will it's for taken out of 60 definitely we can do that so here I before this the question we discussed definitely will cover this but these type of question will not cover why because we need to target only 40 or 60 that's more than sufficient and even this year in India I'm not focused on high on selection I have focused on highest mass that hope they're from India should be from our coaching so just focus on highest and if you'll focus 40 goals in the definitely you'll be the topper of India sure off so this is why I have not added any kind of discussion there next question question will ask in AF 418 again this question was Colonel fries was developed in India antha so which institution has developed the current fries so this institution was and the array that is also our name University in India we have Fordham University one is and they are Ivri IRA and CI Fe and and then we have then what we have we have central areas in reverse still we have three central I think also in today's first one was money pouring fire second one was run in luxury by that since a supposition and third what is it some of sleep would be higher this was in the upper South Agricultural University so we have three centerline university we have Fordham University and we have four Central University with Agriculture fatality lie so sad University with agriculture faculties different and said agriculture was two different we have three central agriculture industrial we have for agriculture central industry with that because our faculty that for university with agriculture faculty is bhu AMU be a chilled Banaras Hindu University amu and they get mostly velocity then it is nag align University and the next one is in Mishra party right it's ever festering for so these four universities are actually our Central University with the agriculture faculty so here the question was about current fries so karen fries was developed by the ndra now about ndrn theories of folks important because when I see her has given the ranking to the institution so I see is Indiana is in the top 10 so and here is again important they can ask question from the end DRI so I have added all the detail about the ndr i– because ndra is also an important why because and the area was established before the eyes here so and the arise National Dairy Research Institute National Dairy Research Institute Colonel was originally started as Imperial Institute of animal husbandry and theory in 1923 and banglore it was expanded and renamed as Imperial Dairy Institute in 1936 and was known as National Dairy Research Institute after in been in 1947 so the name was changed to the very rooted now after my and forties after independence right in 1955 the nd ahead what was shift to cost initially it was established in North but in 1955 it was Stanley shifted where make sure how it is both but I still I said you so I hope Rhys are you able to listen me now no it's completely fine you can listen okay so this was the idea he was established in 1923 at Bangalore the name was chased after independence and after 1947 and and DRI was shifted to Colonel in 1955 right because 1943 it was at a big load and now it is established that Colonel in the NT not established actually it's just shifted because established establishment will be considered as 1923 and again one more thing that till now it is not working under the ICR because ice here was established in 1929 but India is in 1923 so ndre was started working without the ICL until 1985 now the next thing is in 1964 the still of the Institute was established at calorie investment goal then in 1970 so in 1970 because issue exhibition 1933 it was working independently till now in 1970 and the air I was brought under the things of the ICR Indian Council of agricultural it's not agriculture make sure it is agriculture Lesage to provide greater up to the Institute in research management function why I have focus on this in that examination last year in that exam they have asked the full form of the nabad so it was not a difficult question but why they ever asked they just do this thing in the when they send about so when we said 'no bad nestle back for agriculture or agricultural so they just change this national bank for agriculture agriculture also we need to know whenever it is used as an adjective so it will be agricultural and without adjective and it is now it will be with agriculture so in a bird it is agriculture only and in 1970 the ndr i was wrote under the ICEA next one is in 1989 most he was conferred to the institute for the further strengthening the academic program for the human resources development right so it was established in 1923 23 transferred to Colonel in 1955 brought under the eyes here in 1970 and the deme university status was given in 1989 so this was a major event under the and ERI now if we say that breed which was asked in the quotient so Frye's Karen Friday's is developed by the h-f h-f his word holy steel frisian entire parkour so the male of the release didn't freeze er and female of car car car used and again when we say about the cross bleed why we are developing the cross made we've vivant that bridge should be from India only because that should be capable to survive in India but why we are using male animal of the exotic breeds us to increase the male production so make sure whenever we are standing about the cross field so the male will be exhorting breed and female will be okay so guys the next question again the same question was asked in AF or 2018 examinations as I told you the asinine question out of sixty so the question was establishment of central AVL Research Institute so they asked about the year so if we will say about the central avenue search Institute so here you can see the option 1979 75 80 75 or 85 so it was established in 1970 so central avian Research Institute was established on 2nd October 1979 so again make sure when we were talking about the end DRI so it was a service in 1923 at that time I see I was not there but in 1979 ICR is here so from the initial moment where it was established so it started working under ICR so it says central area Research Institute was established on 2nd November 1979 at Edith Nagar Barelli Uttar Pradesh under the edges of ICR Indian Council of agricultural research to provide over round support to the growth of poultry sector right now the next and last question which was again asked in air for 2018 examination the question was which is the largest compartment in the ruminant animal so largest human reticulum or miss some abomasum or none of these so it files about the largest we know everyone almost 75 to 80 percent part is covered by human so we know answer is human so the largest compartment of the ruminant animals first of all we need to know what is the ruminant rumen it means the animal which are having four parts divided stomach means the animal their stomach it divided into the four parts known as a minute and even in animals out of those four four parts which one is largest part it is a human but again one more question can be raised from this question that which one is the smallest pass because rumen is the largest part that's that's okay but which one is the smallest part the smallest part is little bit tricky why because in case of smallest part we'll have to divide animal into two part one is last number second one is small stomach so answer will be for the smallest smallest parties or Mayim or reticulum now you will say sir why to answer there should be only one answer let me explain you so for stomach compartment found in the illuminance illuminance our animals such as cattle sheep goat and deer then in comparison animals such as pigs dogs and horses have only single compartment stomach compartment and are called non ruminants or mono gastric animals so these are known as no ruminant or we can say monogastric like what are the example of one organic pigs dogs and horses the next one is the rumen hold 80% so human hold 80% so we are clear this one is the largest part so human hold 80% reticulum 5% owe me some is 8% and abomasum is 7% in the larger luminance right in smaller human and the proportion and slightly different so in case of smaller in and now the proportion will be different because if you'll see that data in the first line so it says red ticular 5% so that means that tubular me the smallest part but now I have a look at this it says in smaller human and the proportion are slightly different with the human holding 75 percent means largest part is at economies 8% and owe me some is 4 percent right so previously that 2 column was the smallest part here it is o me some so in smaller remain the smallest part will be owe me some in larger Newman and the smallest part will be reticulum I hope now you go to the point so these were the question which were asked by the IBPS examination 2080 so now start with the animal husbandry so previously we this in last lecture we discuss about the basic terms this lecture was based on the overall question which was asked in the af examination or some other examination so now you have an idea about the animals memory that what type of question can be asked what type of question we can cover because as I told you in that question we were discussing about that vaccine so we'll have to leave that because our target is to cover 40 out of 60 that sufficient enough so we are not going to target 60 because that will be difficult for us practically it is not possible we cannot cover 60 question so what we need to do we need to just have an idea why this question we were discussing because this question will never be repeated in the examination there are very few chances that question can be repeated but by using this question by looking at these questions by analyzing these questions what we can do we can just check we can just evaluate that what type of question can be exact can be asked in the further examination right so now we will start with the animal husbandry so that will start in the next lecture till that take care have a good day


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