1. caseicool

    We have beef cattle, and on an auction day to sell calves, we can usually make 10,000 dollars if all our females produced good calves so we can get like 700 per calf

  2. Timothy Langin

    i was playing with starting a farm with cows you can turn a profit on hard with no cheats or mods with 2 loading wagons with less than 20 cows but it never turns a profit if you speed through the day with speed time up mods you need to stay with stock speed just need grass and straw for them

  3. mattkaythetimelord

    I fed my sheep but on the pda screen it is still saying that they have no food and productivity is only 15%, but when I tried to feed them again it said they are at max capacity for 6 days- Is this a bug? I am on the Bjornholm map.

  4. N.Sthaalros

    i have always startet out with cows, and its way too easy, (medium game mode) just get a front loader or convayers a wagon and a lawnmover there u go πŸ™‚ i made smal money the first 5 nigths after that it went fast ! πŸ™‚

  5. Just-in Case

    I have the same problem alot to do and zero help I feel like I'm just running around the map trying to get everything done 😞 I've got millions of dollars worth of equipment but one guy. can't trust the workers because they are always getting stuck or messing up when planting or harvesting lol!! also is there a limit to the amount of hay and straw you can bale? I made alot and some of it like half disappeared. also lost some of my wool off my trailer I was saving to sell wtf is that all about!?

  6. Roy White

    Love your channel so much, I can't see if you already have a video, but if not could you make a video of your favorite mods, vehicles, tools, animals, etc. I struggle finding what mods are popular on the sites i have found.

  7. TheJadeStorm87

    So I was curious about the cows and took a look at it on my game, and I think I made it successful right from the start, not very successful, but I'm pretty sure it would keep you in the black. What I did was harvested and sold the wheat field (left the straw). Sold off everything excluding the tipper. Bought the NH T6 with arms and bucket, the front mower and the euroboss wagon. Collected the straw and layed it down as bedding and gathered enough grass for a portion of silage. Once fermented I had enough money for 35 cows. From what I saw I would have made a profit of 800-1,000 per day.


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