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Animal Science

[ Music ] Hi! My name is Russell McKeith,
and I’m an animal science instructor. For animal science, we have sheep, we
have swine, and we have beef cattle. And the cool thing here is that the
students can see them all the way from birth to where we ship them to the auction barn. So they see hogs that go all the way
through the full maturation stage. Same with sheep and same with beef cattle. There’s lots of jobs available. Most students, though, go on to transfer for a
four-year degree just to broaden their horizon and get a BS in animal science because
we do have lots of students that want to pursue a degree in veterinary medicine. But those students that want a two-year degree,
they could go maybe work for a feed store, or a booming area that most people
don’t think about in the animal sciences like food safety, meat processing. There’s lots of jobs in those sectors. To be able to get started with a program
like this, it’d be a good idea to understand that you need a little bit of patience
so that you could get to know the animals and their personalities and some of the traits. Some animals are a little bit more labor
intensive or need a little bit more contact. But for the most part, if you like
working with animals, it’s fairly simple. What I really like about this program
is the hands-on type of atmosphere. You’re always touching the animals. You’re helping them out, whether
it be that they’re giving birth or feeding them, taking care of them. It’s very hands on. Well, first of all, I did not go to community
college, but looking back I wish I would have because with the increased costs of
tuition and room and board today, it makes a whole lot more sense to go
community college, get your GE’s out of the way, get some of your lower division animal science
classes if you’re an animal science student, and then transfer to a four-year university. The four-year universities, they’re
getting impacted on a regular basis. So starting out at a junior college,
trying to figure out what you want to do, and then transferring on would be
the best road for most students. [ Music ]

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