Anthurium flower farming | Cultivation practices of anthurium

Amidst his busy service days and even after retirement, his affinity towards flowers and agriculture never dwindled. This is what makes S.A.John a unique personality, a farmer who hails from Thiruvananthapuram. He developed an anthurium himself and named it after his son as Arun Gold which gained much popularity. For his contribution towards floral plants, he has received various awards and recognition. The foremost thing to be noted for anthurium cultivation is that the plants should not be exposed to direct sunlight. If exposed, the color of the leaf changes and the flowers get spoiled. Anthurium plants need shade. If we make shade nets, like which can be seen here, 75% of sunlight can be cut out. Only 25% of sunlight is received by the plants grown under the shade net. Humidity is also needed by these plants. Water should be sprinkled two to three times a day or mist sprinklers should be used. A humid temperature is needed for its growth. Anthurium plants needs much aeration for its growth. The roots should not be set firmly, as in if we put clay, cow dung and soil it will get set. The roots need air so we use coconut shell or coconut peat or brick pieces, charcoal pieces and gravel soil to make the medium in which the plant needs to be cultivated. In such a medium anthurium grows well and not in normal soil. If we administer a potty mixture with good aeration, anthurium grows well. Anthurium plant does not require much manure for its cultivation. If we use very less quantity of fresh cow dung and dilute well in water it is really good for plants. Neem oil cake, Groundnut oil cake can be diluted in water and used. 17:17:17 NPK fertilizer can be diluted well and used once in two weeks which can accelerate the growth really well. Before it blooms, anthurium flowers look like a round structure. It takes 5-10 days for it to bloom. In 15 days it will be mature and strong flower. Such flowers are to be plucked and used for floral decorations. To identify whether it is mature enough to be cut, you can hold the neck of the flower & bend & see, the top end will be strong. Spadix of the flower will have a colour change. When the flowers show 1/3rd growth, it experience a colour change of spadix during this time. This takes place in the first 10-15 days of flowering. If plucked at this stage the flower will remain fresh for weeks. The longer and deeper we cut the stem of the flower the better. John has a wide variety of anthuriums on his farm, which is being cultivated world over. Mauritius Red, not that glittery Honduras, another variety named Darshana, the beautiful Dragon’s Red, Mauritius Orange, Lima White, Fla Rose, the green coloured Midori, the yellow coloured flowers seen in cold regions like Linda a De Moal such wide varieties of different anthuriums can be found in John’s farm. We can cultivate this really well using the sunlight and humidity conditions prevailing here. We can generate profit if anthurium is cultivated in large quantity. But we should find people who procure these flowers in large quantity beforehand itself. Only if we are able to deliver the flowers timely to the market, can we fetch good price for the flowers. There is no such proper system or technique in place now. If the government takes initiative to bring about such a system in place lot of jobless youth will be provided a good opportunity from which they can reap financial benefits. Beautiful flowers from John’s farm are circulated across markets and churches. Because of the high quality and goodness of the flowers on his farm, & because of the trust people have for John’s farm , lot of people approach John’s anthurium farm. Whoever who wishes to know about anthurium cultivation can meet him personally. Without any formalities, he will explain all the nuances &techniques with utmost interest and joy.


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