1. brentcsullivant1

    lol, first signs of fish disease, 24:16 basically the bass tank at Bass pro shop or Cabella's, some of the sickest fish I ever saw in my life.

  2. กฤษณะ พลสาเดช


  3. MRSketch09

    The internet? >_>'' Just go to google and search for Aquaponics or farming fish.. tons of info. I mean you have to dig. But theirs work in everything. Or heck, their are recommended videos about farming fish right next to this one. (Unless you watched the youtube video on another site and not the youtube site itself)

  4. Sorren11

    I wish to raise 200 fish just for my families use. I would like to raise in tanks I have gotten 900, 1100 and 1300 gallons each. Could you tell me where to get more info?


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