Aquaculture is changing lives in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a land of rivers and these rivers are a major source of fish for the people however climate change overfishing and pollution have reduced wild fish stocks to meet the growing demand for fish production from aquaculture must increase in Boresha one of the poorest regions in the country in the remote village of Haji Porter once abandoned ponds are now sources of food and income the US aid aquaculture for income and nutrition or AI n project has worked in this region since 2012 the project has provided new aquaculture technologies to more than one hundred and twenty-nine thousand fish farmers through training and demonstration the project has promoted aquaculture production dynamo G is a hatchery owner she supplies spawn to more than 500 nurseries and fish farmers in the body shell region the aian project has helped hatcheries to produce and distribute 50 tons of quality carp spawn Castle una cosa de Mar Vista Dynamo Zurich Escoto tell mr. caballes alkyne buna dolphin born Apollinaris claritin-d vu our economy hazard has attacking income Koriyama Garuda thievery I mean shatters our booth or Corsi per foramina sector has Sarkar house Corsi amoeba linger B 3 cos cot C BOHICA score C am Aditya gear car C octopus kunuk RC a– me a virtual kazoo champu t de lille could see many small-scale farmers like Sutter Begum have also benefited from the aian project the love of ceramic phone has attack a mouthful I see I mean Kylie hi-c buzzer a B or C adi shankara salva – anxious shops all easily narrow course Elizabeth I am our fiendish Knesset in the purse Cunha sodium unit I must reject an espalier – Navarre a tiny near method capital G the Carthago has been given book back Sir Harold did muskets Irma's enormous difficulty that much might be king only must be calculate the dishes are taken Leah forgot the voltage that Korea or of Allah say the communal cabacas´s Ito from cubicle abdominal – hoppin John axilla daikon moussaka mercury hottish at Akitas amiable 100% confidence the master commercial a chalet lab Laveau von hase even us 8 alien pulls it another shot a me confidence PC ruse to t 6e agasa demonic aura 6e rock casinos demonic aura 6e eyeshadow shop TV ave de Dycker sea wall Trisha Margaret Mazda see I'm Artemis Tina Laguna America shower DC voltage Nadia more oxygen el partido moreno merida to chase dynastar Mahayana a cat retaining anything a mystic I see managed a two kilometre sonic half the tillow it called wisdom in jealousy Bangladesh is now the world's fourth largest inland fish producer and more than half of it comes from aquaculture since 2012 the aian project has benefited more than 600,000 households


  1. Arshad ahmad

    রাক্ষুসে মাছ নিধন করে আমরা যে ভুল করেছি। এখন আবার সেই রাক্ষুসে মাছ চাষ করার জন্য মানুষ আগ্রহী,,,,কারণ এই মাছ বাজারে সব মাছের চেয়ে দাম,,,,খেতেও অনেক মজা ,,,,,, জানেন কী,,,,,,,,?( বি-বাড়িয়া)

  2. harun rashid

    ইনস আল্লাহ্ আপনাদের এলাকায় গুরতে আসবো এই সব হ্যাসারী সমন্দে কিছু প্রসিখন নিয়ে মাছের পোনা কিনে নিয়ে আসবো আমি সৌদী আরব থাকি দেশে আসিয়া গুড়া দিমু থাকার জাগা ব্যাবস্তা হবে তো দারে কাছে কোন আবাসিক হোটেল আছে কিনা

  3. shafiqul islam

    Do I have opportunity to learn from worldfish ? I want to be entrepreneur with fish breeding and cultivation ,pls let me know


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