1. YariNaKayo

    daming pagkakataon na susuko na ako pag gawa ng aquaponics, pero everytime na napanood ko ito, na encourage talaga akong ipagpatuloy

  2. Francis Lim

    Kang Kong floating on fish ponds grows very well and can be harvested twice a week,bamboo floats or PVC pipes works well but some fishes eats vegetables roots and extra netting is required,spring onions,chives,celery and most Chinese green can be grown on water,even ginger,sweet potatoes are known to grows well in Hawaii,Fiji and Indonesia.Grass Carps eats grasses,almost no food costs involved.

  3. YariNaKayo

    thank you so much.. dahil sa video na to mas lalong na encourage ako.. pero may tanong lang ako, may design ba sa paggawa ng aquaponics without water pump, baka kasi may alternative way para maka iwas sa additional electric bill. hehehe

  4. Ilocana in Germany in Germany

    this video is in Filipino ( Japanese, Spanish etc. and English ) we from Philippines speak all together mix languages . sometimes we are also confusing which one to speak , its too many languages 🤣😂 and dealecs.

    dont complain if you dont understand 😁. search other video for u 😉 so that simple . its obviously only for those can understand our language 😊

  5. Star Gazer

    Very interesting that you use Spanish and English words to describe things or ideas that are not in your native language… but, in the You Tube platform, of what serious business value is your content if you are limiting your audience to those that only speak Filipino? There is a whole world out there that has an interest in and enjoys aquaponic$.

  6. Anson Bruce Huab

    Hello po Engr. Martin, gusto ko lang po malaman kung saan makakabili ng kulay green na flat bed fish tank or container?..
    and ideal price nun?, saan din makakabili ng mga fingelings na isda?..

  7. Juan Porontong

    You mentioned puedeng gamitin ang Fresh Yung tubig ng salt water fish ay maalat? Paano gamitin yung maalat ng tubig sa grow bed? Mamatay lahat mga halaman.


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