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Aquaponics Swirl Filter – Learn the Inner Workings and Indepth Processes

Aquaponics Swirl Filter – Learn the Inner Workings and Indepth Processes cool right click the link in the
description for pricing ratings and reviews hi this is Victoria with fish –
food aquaponics and Dan has just installed a bio filtration swirl filter
that he would like to show you and this is it right here this white barrel so
Dan why don’t you take it away first of all I made this out of a 30 gallon HDPE barrel that you can get online and of
course I have a 1 inch bulkhead fitting at the bottom for the drain with a valve
okay then I have a 2 inch bulkhead fitting here which this is the water
coming from my fish tank and a 2 inch pipe and it goes through here and it
comes out and it creates a swirling action in the water okay I think that so
those are all 2 inch pipes and L connectors yes okay and then on top of
that I cut a piece of plexiglass with holes in it to sit in the barrel when
you pull that out so we can see it a little bit ok what purpose that sir
that’s so I can and it set this up so that sits directly on on the pipes
height and this is McCulloch now what does this do students first and then
this is McCulloch and this is extra-fine Michela and it sits on top under this
and on top of this and it helps that’s the your action will filter all right
yeah helps slow down the water so I can get refills and
now this is another 2-inch full kit fitting going through its up higher and
this one this okay and why is it up higher just so it goes into myself if
the drain pipe that goes into the Sun tank from this scroll filter and
depending on your system you have to decide what height these are okay and
I’m going to go ahead for you and put this in because it’s a little tricky and slide it over here okay so it’s a snug fit yeah that’s how
I groove in and then I put this on here what is that just to hold it down okay
so that’s the only purpose of that piece there and where the two holes to let
water in the ground so that’s just a piece of – it’s PVC pipe with the cap
halls and a can don’t don’t glue this because you’re going to take it out to
clean this okay so you just stick it in there and then that holds that in place
I know it’s wrong yeah that’s just the lid for the thing
that’s the top of the barrel okay so can we actually see does it just rest on
there yep that’s just right there so here is this one okay alright so Oh does
it world gets swirling it is okay let’s say a big rolling this is it oh okay all
right and where does the sediment come out down here so when you want to clean
it you just turn it on this and you could put a bucket there and that the
sediment will come out because it will all be at the bottom some it’s already
coming out of Harvard is a little bit dirty
yeah okay very cool all right well thank you so much Dan again this is fish to
the aquaponics thank you for joining us okay so what we’ve done is we’ve
constructed a mean above above-ground pond the ponds dimensions are 13 feet by
5 feet by 3 feet we’ve calculated it and it’s roughly around 1,500 gallons of
water for the main pond the fish a fish that will provide the nutrition or the
nutrients for these system will reside in here okay so what we’ve got then down
here at the bottom up the other end of this pipe is a sump pump pushing water
up into what I’ve constructed what we call a swirl filter this is the main I
guess I’ll call it the heart and soul of it because other than providing
nutrients this actually the purpose of this is to remove particulate matter so
water comes in to the swirl filter you can see it
down there it’s coming in it got at a 45 degree angle PVC it starts since a
whirlpool effect a significant effect so that any particular matter that comes
into the swirl filter will be pushed towards the outside of the swirl filter
and then eventually drop to the bottom these two pipes here this one here is
the exit this one is the overflow you one’s a little bit lower than that one
okay water that’s a that’s leading in the
swirl filter through via that pipe comes out here so the nutrient-rich water
exits a swirl filter via this two inch PVC you can see the media beds here off
of it off on my I’m teeing off one-inch PVC at the bottom of the lava rock here
okay at the bottom of the lava rock here is a manifold that the nutrient would
enrich water extrudes from filling up the media media bed that has the lava
rock you can see how wet the lava rock is and that provides the nutrients and
the water of course is the delivery mechanism for the plants if then the
water exits via a drain at this end into another two inch PVC all the way down
here underneath and into what will be the feeder fish barrel okay so this is
what we call a theater fish barrel so once up the nutrient-rich water filters
through the media beds providing the nutrition for the plants and things of
that sort it enters into the the barrel here okay and this is nothing more than
just a receptacle to fold the water we’re gonna screen this off and then
eventually stock feeder fish in here that will be able to transplant to the
main pond to feed the main course that are providing the nutrition to the
plants back into the pond for me cool right click the link in the
description for pricing ratings and reviews

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