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Are Indoor Plants the Future of Art?

My name’s Jeb And this is art A vendor gave me a ceramic metal halide fixture to try out Now I just need to Build something real simple to hold it up I’m definitely not a wood working expert But I do know how to screw two boards together I’m not a tool safety expert either Here you can see me trying to Incorrectly set the cutting depth Mission accomplished A clamp helps keep the board from moving while I’m cutting it The yellow thing is a rafter square It helps keep the saw going straight Whee! I’m using everything I can to try to keep the bottom board square I’m going to see if I can get away with hiding a screw in this groove The wood is probably too thin But let’s see what happens Ok it split But nobody will know I have two drills so I use one for the pilot holes and One for the screwdriver part The tape measure helps make sure that the left and right sides of the top Are the same height Here it goes! Here the screw goes in! I picked out the best looking pieces of redwood for the front top I’m using the speed square to make sure my pilot holes are in a consistent spot What I’m trying to do is Make a stand that can showcase the plants Like art Something you would put in a hallway Or museum Or a garage The problem I’m facing is these grow lights are so bright It’s uncomfortable to look at the light, even indirectly I’m hoping maybe the wood won’t be as reflective as other materials I made this front part removable So you can access the plants Dad, I see poop! Oh ok Let’s go scoop it up I scooped up that poop while the sun went down Now the sun is rising here inside I haven’t grown a plant under one of these fixtures yet, but I have no doubt plants will eat this light up Wow! Also, check out Khang Starr’s YouTube Channel He’s grown stuff under these lights Too bad you are going to wait three months to see a plant under this fixture Or Hmm Well hello, neighbor Don’t worry I’m just Moving plants around at night In winter Maybe I should have got a smaller plant Make sure you check out the description for details on this fixture Also you will want to let me know if This is the future of modern art Or a descent into madness Thanks for watching Share with a Friend!


  1. Joe Pacholik Author

    I am trying to decide on an Endomaxx CMH or a Spectra King LED. Anxious to get your review of this light. You may have descended into madness, but I find you very trustworthy.

  2. QuickShadow485 Author

    Considering the alternative "symbolism of s$&@" and nonsense art of junk
    live healthy green plants indoors should be the future of art

  3. Red Author

    Dear Jeb,

    The things that you do, I find them to be astoundingly beautiful.
    Not only have you opened my eyes up to a new form of gardening, the result you seem to have with your projects amazes me as well.
    There is nothing better than fresh and healthy food and this is undoubtedly the most beautiful and productive way to obtain it.
    thank you for all the videos that have been uploaded to this channel, they have been a joy to watch, and thank you for all the great videos yet to come,

    Yours truly,


  4. Alyssa Wendorff Author

    Art is intrinsically challenging. Gardening is the same. Both with challenges and rewards. I just put a clear sprout grow in the middle of my kitchen. Form+function

  5. Michael Sowell Author

    Your work is not the future of art or a descent into madness. It is however, an ascent into rad ness and if you fall asleep in front of the grow light…redness.

  6. Felipe Segura Author

    What music is that in the background? I feel like I'm about to see another extravaganza when this video is over. Hahaha

  7. Charlie Sharp Author

    hello Jeb, my name is Charlie. I wanted to say thank you for making all the videos that you do. I’ve been struggling a lot and feeling very very sad lately but your videos have made me see the beauty in plants, and helped me remind myself that life is worth living even when it feels utterly hopeless. I hope some day I have space enough to try growing things of my own. I hope that’s ok to say. I just wanted to say thank you. You never know how you can touch a stranger’s life for the better.

  8. Micah Alman Author

    Hey Jeb, love your channel! I haven't yet looked on your channel for one but would you be able to make a "getting started growing" video? I'm moving back to college in a couple weeks and I'd love to continue gardening there!

  9. James Ison Author

    I specialize in urban farming. I've been away from doing it for many years. With all the new advances, I've started to re-educate myself, and many of your videos have helped. Both the good and bad. Lately I've been exploring aquaphonics. There's still so much to learn! At 67 I find myself going back to school, with the whole world as my teacher.

  10. Fetusbakon69 Fetusbakon69 Author

    "Ok the wood split, but no body will know."

    Proceeds to tell the world on youtube.

    This guy's is awesome. Loving your stuff jeb.

  11. Feldenkrais with Alfons Author

    Sorry I'm late, but there was a Bosch Power Tools advertisement in front of your video, had to watch all 3 minutes of it. Hope that's ok for you.

  12. Susan Rogers Author

    If art is a decent into madness…I went Totally Crazy Many Years Ago!! I have never lived by the rules when it comes to gardening, it works for me and that's what matters! Coffee cans, quart jars, kiddie pools, bathtubs, buckets, raised beds, hoop houses and even raised non edibles in toilets. Yes I am way beyond the norm, but I'm happy!
    Great video!!

  13. Cryptopolis Author

    Husband: "Honey?"

    Wife: "Yes, dear?"

    Husband: "You know the weird guy across the street?"

    Wife: "Yes, dear."

    Husband: "He's walking around in the dark again with that flashlight thingy on his head."

    Wife: "Yes, dear."

    Husband: "I think he's building something in his garage."

    Wife: "Yes, dear."

    Husband: "Wow, he just switched on a really bright light!"

    Wife: "Yes, dear."

    Husband: "Hey, I think he's stealing our rosemary bush…"

    Wife: "Oh, dear… Not again…"

  14. Jonas Salk Author

    The Mars mission is looking for ways to grow / Breed plants that can grow in a low atmospheric pressure environment with all the CO2 they could ever want.
    Cody of " Cody's lab " YT fame, subjected potatoes to low pressure to see if they would be able to grow after that exposure.
    He was looking to find possible candidates for use on Mars.
    An Interesting experiment.
    Others are busy looking at cold tolerant arctic pine tree varieties to use to begin oxygenation of the Martian atmosphere.

  15. James Miller Author

    This as I can understand, has been a form of art for quite awhile now and I would be no less surprised if ancient civilizations would have prized things like this too. I wouldn't compare it to what my understanding of modern art is.


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