Are you required to adhere to any guidelines when applying a pesticide to your ranch?

The pesticides we use are highly regulated.
First of all, anytime we make an application on our ranches it has to be recommended by
a qualified individual. The application is then made and is recorded at the county ad
commissioner’s office. We abide by – have to abide by all the label
information in terms of what time needs to pass for a worker or anyone can re-enter the
field, as well as a pre-harvest interval in terms of how much time must pass before the
field is harvested. We follow this to a tee and in many cases
much more time passes in terms of the pre-harvest interval before we actually harvest the crop.
This is all public knowledge, public records. Anyone at any time can go and pull the records
of a certain field, look at the chemicals that were applied there.
Again, the chemicals are heavily regulated by both state, local state and even federal
agencies. One other, I think, misunderstanding is that
in conventionally-grown produce there’s always multiple chemical applications, pesticide
applications. And it’s really not the case. There are some crops – depending on the time
of year, and the level of pest pressure that we have, where we don’t apply pesticides at
all. We grow a lot of cauliflower, celery and even
some of the lettuces in the early spring, early summer months with little to zero pesticide
applications at all. And these are conventionally-grown vegetables.

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