Art tips with Free Textile Art Lessons with Rae Woolnough on Colour In Your Life


  1. Lily Bogaards

    Just stumbled upon this video. How awesomely beautiful! Literally moved to tears. Thank you to both the artist and the CIYL team!

  2. Rae lahage

    good afternoon ,The beauty of Art , thank you , Take control of your life is today's Topic , & trying to enhance our life , We don't have to be born blessed to be blessed , it's already in us! We are born resilient

  3. s f

    my boyfriend doesn't understand the need to do workshops, he's like what do you need to do another course for, you don't need to do another course, you're good enough…it's not about that, it's about personal development which can only come through doing the practicals through learning new techniques…this is great, really really great!


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