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Ask a Farmer: The Keddys | Real Farm Lives

It’s a way of life, it’s a job that I
enjoy doing every day getting to be outside growing crops, caring for animals,
and producing food for lots of people. I was fortunate enough that my father is a
farmer and from a young age he trained me and showed me everything I need to
know about running a large-scale farm, but anybody could become a farmer if
they have the passion and the drive to work in this industry. Pesticides are
products that we use on our farm to protect our crops against insects, weeds,
and disease so that we can grow a safe and healthy product for the people to
eat. Food waste can happen in many ways, it
can happen in the field by disease coming into the crop, or can happen after
the crop has been harvested and packed. Aphids are a major problem in the
strawberry industry where they carry a virus, so we rely on pesticides to
control the population of aphids in our fields.

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