Jim if you want after 5 years or less take off the ceramic coat, couse the scratches on ceramic does not repair and ceramics can not be removed by any chemicals products you will need to wet sanding the car that means that a part of the varnish will take off..so good luck with that!😁😀😁

  2. Vasileios Petropoulos

    Could u please let me know which is the cost of all these products? How long they last? And how often I need to do a coating?

  3. savagemodels

    I've been debating over using ceramic coating for a while now and this link to a recent video made my mind up not to use ceramic coatings

  4. energylab227

    I didn’t like the ceramic coating. I much prefer the Gtechniq. The Gyeon one didn’t go on as easily and I think the gloss and longevity can’t match the Gtechniq one. It seems to scratch easier too.

  5. gazzc

    Do these ceramic coatings look bad when they are finally wearing off, like flaking or peeling? Or do they just stop working and need a new coat?

  6. Mogsy28uk

    great video, like a lot of the Gyeon products. For comfort and knee protection, consider a car ramp to raise the car up enough to get round the vehicle without having to kneel on the floor.

  7. mcnewtac

    What mf's do you use for buffing the ceramic coating, are they cheap ones you just use for interior and engine afterwards or just throw them away ? Struggling to find a good quality mf I can use for buffing ceramics off without throwing away my money with it

  8. Potaka79

    Quick question? Can I Ceramic coat my vinyl wrap. I have Avery Dennison Satin Purple and I didn't know if the satin would show as much afterwards, or is the whole thing a fallacy and it can't be done.

    P.S Great show👍👍, always look forward to the next vid and laugh at how you can wash your car's out side, something that can't be done in Australia.

  9. Kieran Bristoll

    What snowfoam do you use? And does the pressure of the pressure washer change the thickness of it? I have the Karcher K2 and it’s not extremely powerful, despite the Lance on the foamiest setting it goes on really thin, not sure if it’s the pressure washer or the snowfoam

  10. jhonny criollo

    Great video Joe, sorry I didn't notice you talked about the slickness in the first time i watched the video, but even though thanks for making this. Have been wanting a professionals point of view on csl+exo vs synchro for a while

  11. Daniel

    Having used one, and seen the results first hand of the other, I can confidently say I definitely prefer Gtechniq, more for the longevity than anything else. Great video, as ever!


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