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August Vegetable Garden Tour 🌿// Garden Answer

hey guys good morning in today’s video I want to give you a tour of our vegetable garden I want to show you how everything’s doing as you guys know those of you who have been watching our videos this is the first year I’ve planted in this space and I’m so thrilled with how everything’s doing especially giving given the fact that it’s been over 100 degrees for the last three weeks so I really do want to go bed by bed and show you how everything’s doing what I’m growing currently but first I wanted to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about this space starting with the picket fence so this is something that we had built this spring we hired a handyman to come build it for us because Erin and I were good at some things but building things is not one of our talents whatsoever so he came in did a great job I think that these are about like 30 inches or so tall I can’t remember the exact measurements but I remember there was a lot more decisions I had to make about this fence than I thought like like you know how I wanted them to be cut the peaks if I wanted him to be you know real pointy or not as pointy anyway but I loved the way it turned out we also had it stained black I was toying with leaving it natural or going white because we do have a lot of white picket but I want to start adding blackened more to our garden I like how foliage looks up against it so I wanted to show you the kind of stain we used on this fence because that was a big question so this is it right here you can get it at Home Depot so we chose the color ebony in a semi-transparent stain I’ll put a little picture of the formula up on the screen so you guys can see it if you’re interested in annoying the other thing I wanted to talk about was the type of gravel we used in this area so we did put landscape fabric down first this kind of gravel is called three-quarter chip in the color blue I didn’t really know that there was as many types of gravel as there are but we just wanted to match our driveway so we just went and found what we could that matched and it looks really good I think and I decided to go with gravel in here as opposed to some other type of mulch because it’s clean it’s tidy we have a huge yard and I didn’t need extra maintenance in this space plus I really like the look of gravel I think it looks really pretty in this space our raised beds are made out of Redwood which is a really great wood in garden spaces because it doesn’t weather really quickly it won’t fall apart I went with redwood over cedar because cedar is so expensive I did not know oh my word it’s like three times the price of Redwood these are two by twelves and we went with three foot widths this is a six foot it’s a kind of an L shape and the rest of my bed’s there’s four three by six beds and four three by four beds in addition to these l-shaped beds I initially had some raised beds from Gardner Supply put in this space and they’re made of cedar they’re beautiful beds I was so excited to get them but I got him laid out and I think for the size of this space cuz it’s a pretty good sized space they were a little bit too short I think they came in like about this tall and for this size of space I needed something a little bit more beefy so we are utilizing those beds there behind our greenhouse we just stack them one on top of the other so they’re like tall nice tall raised beds and I’ve sweet potatoes planted in them that are doing really really well and then I wanted to show you this is the fertilizer I use I work it into every single bed for every single crop and I think that between this and the type of soil mix I have in there I think that’s why I’m having so much so much success in this space the soil mix is a special blend that’s made in Boise I think it’s I think it’s Cloverdale nursery it’s fifty six percent premium topsoil 34 percent forest compost and 12 percent composted manure that’s the blend I think that adds up to hundred percent and I was a little skeptical of it because a couple of the beds after sitting these were all filled in the fall after sitting through the winter they were kind of compacted just a just a couple of them and so I didn’t know how like root crops would grow in them but so far everything was doing great I was happy with how my potatoes did carrots and beets and stuff are all growing great so I’m happy with that the only insecticides I have used in this space have not had very many insect problems whatsoever which is awesome I think it maybe it’s because it’s such a new space the insects haven’t figured out where to go to feast I’m hoping that they never find it but this is all I’ve used this is Sluggo plus it is an organic I use it for earwigs earwigs are a huge problem here they’re horrible horrible insects they look scary I hate him I remember having to check my towels growing up as a kid because they liked to damp like dark places and they would like to come into the bathrooms and hang out in your towel so it’s gross and I’ve sprayed thorough side once on my broccoli because I noticed some caterpillars and that took care of it but nothing has bothered my cabbage like everything is doing so well so those are the two insecticides there okay so I think I covered all of the questions if I think of anything else I’ll let you know but let’s just start in the corner over here and then just work our way through the garden space so we did just have these installed these cedar arbors right here and the jury’s still out as to whether or not I’m going to put one in the front we just put up a video about it we’ll link it down below if you want to learn a little bit more about those but in this bed right here this is a garden treasure tomato this is a new slicer type of tomato that’s coming out from proven winners next year they sent one over for us to try out and it’s like it’s doing so well and I got this pretty late in this season so like I am just thrilled with the growth I’ve been picking tomatoes off of it I do need to come out and do a little pruning a little maintenance on all of my Tomatoes so that’s something that’s needs to happen I have a cucumber right here in the front of this bed and there are little little cucumbers on it right now check that out and I can’t remember what kind this is I usually try to stick the tag in the bed but yeah it’s just they look like pickles that super cute and this one’s just been bearing like crazy okay so let’s go to this bed next I have got a butternut squash which I planted really late in the season like end of June and I figured that maybe I would get some butternut squash by October I don’t know sometimes this late in the season you just throw in whatever you can in any kind of empty space because I really wanted this space to be productive I didn’t want any space to sit empty so I’m hoping you know even if I get a couple off of this vine I’ll be really happy right here is an English cucumber that’s just going nuts look at this – the tumbleweeds that are kind of caught in it but there are just cucumbers like crazy one night I come I harvested 14 off of this vine and there’s like two four six eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen on it right now that I need to come out and harvest this one has been amazing and then right here I’ve got a nether garden treasure tomato in a container so I actually got three of them and I planted them in three different types of location one in a raised bed one in a container and one straight in the soil in another area I just wanted to see how each one of them grew and this one’s actually a little bit smaller than the one in the raised bed so far so it’s kind of interesting in this bed right here I have Blue Lake pole beans which were planted in June so they’re just kind of starting to put on a lot of growth they are blooming right now I did see a couple beans on here the other day oh yeah there’s just some little little beans right here and they’ll cover this bamboo trellis right here this is where I had sugar pod peas this spring and once that crop was done I pulled them and planted the beans right here I have a crookneck squash and if you look inside the plant right here you can see look at that and all its warty goodness right there it’s looking awesome and there’s lots of blooms starting and a couple of big ones open this one was also planted late at the same time I planted the butternut squash kind of insane the difference in size right here I planted ambrosia corn this is in one of the beds I had my garlic planted in which I harvested right before the fourth of July so this is going to be a late crop of corn I’m hoping for maybe first part of September it’s just starting to form some tassels right here which is exciting but ambrosia is a bicolor corn and one of the most popular in our area super super sweet it’s really good in this l-shaped bed right here I have one zucchini plant it’s like taking over the garden space here and I kept up on it for the first two or three weeks it was bearing and we were eating all the zucchini and now I’m like giving it away it’s amazing how just how much one plant will produce in the corner of this bed I have a Roma tomato that’s just putting on tomatoes like crazy it’s kind of a weird usually my Roma’s grow a lot taller than this one but this one is just like I’m just gonna produce Tomatoes that’s all no leaf leafy growth we don’t need any leafy growth just like tons of tomatoes so I’m gonna need to get with it these are starting to ripen so I’m gonna have to figure out what I want to do with all of these and then in the front here this is called a Mazal basil right here this is a new basil that’s coming out from proven winners next year and it’s a really like vigorous basil the wonderful thing about it is it’s a sterile basil so even if it blooms it’s not going to wreck the flavor it’s not going to take the vigor down of the plant I have been trying to keep like the blooms off of it just because that’s what I’m used to doing with basil but it’s not as necessary which is awesome Aaron and I have eaten a lot of this with fresh tomatoes and it’s just got a really good flavor and then I’ve got an eggplant right here and this is a variety classic and as you can see that right there and it’s got a bunch of blooms forming I actually don’t like eggplant but I like to grow them because they’re pretty Oh actually shine them up and use them in table centerpieces or floral arrangements so that’s what’s in that bed and this one here I’ve got beans that are called Nash so this bed I don’t know what exactly is going on with these beans they’re bearing like crazy but I’ve got Nash beans in another bed look a lot better than this one so I don’t know what the difference is except for this tomato was absolutely enormous it grew so so big before I got the supports forum and it was kind of leaning over on the bean so I don’t think that they were getting enough light and they were being smothered so between those things I think that’s maybe what happened so these supports you can actually see the one in this previous bed here these are from Gardner supply they’re called the SX round trellis I got him in a 7-foot size but there they have like segments like that so I took one rung out because I didn’t think I needed him to be seven feet on the other tomatoes I think I should have left him in and because the they’re just going crazy and like I said I do need to do some major pruning on these so this is a super fantastic tomato which is a really great slicer tomato and we’ve been picking off of them like crazy carrots right here which I’ve just been picking as we’ve been using them in the kitchen I planted Parisian and red Danvers I think Russell got in here after I planted and kind of like he didn’t use it as a litter box in fact he doesn’t in here which is nice but he likes to like roll around in the mulch or something I don’t know so all of my carrots like I’ll pull carrots out of the same kind of area and I’ll get like a round Parisian and then a danvers and then another couple round ones and anyway it’s kind of funny right here is a melon plant this one I believe is just a cantaloupe look at this these were planted really late at the same time as the butternut squash I had lettuce in this area so after I harvested that after it got really hot I went and picked up a vine and just decided to pop that in here blooms everywhere on it I’m hoping to get some by the end some ripe ones by the end of the season this right here is a Sun sugar cherry tomato which produces these lovely little orange cherry tomatoes and they’re the sweetest things ever between Sun sugar and sweet olive sweet Olive tomatoes are fantastic I’ve got four pepper plants here I’ve got a serrano which you can see the little red I didn’t harvest them in time I can still eat them but and then I’ve got a horse Sal pepper right here which is really good they’re kind of mild they’re not super hot peppers and then right here holy-moly kind of growing kind of tall and gangly but it does have some peppers on it and then a sweet banana right here and then I pop some celosia in here Sailaja celosia I don’t know how pronounce it it’s kind of a funky looking plant it was more pink when I planted it and now it looks more red and it looks horrible with my centerpiece planter right here it’s totally jarring to me every time I look in this garden space I’m like oh my gosh nope nope I need to get rid of something so I think I’d pop these out and put them in a fall planter because it’s just a little too much celery right here which I’ve been harvesting as I need it I need to get with it though because it’s starting to flower then in this bed right here there’s my other gnash beans they look a little bit better like I said then the other little crop I’ve got going but I’ve got several peppers there’s the mini Bell cute little sweet peppers here and then this is a red beauty right here a few nice peppers on there this is a King Arthur which I’ve harvested a ton of bell peppers you can see you can see them right here a little bit better there’s kind of a good good-looking one and then this is called a Halle pride this is a jalapeno that’s got it’s just loaded I mean it is just loaded with fruit look at that look I’m surprised this plant isn’t falling over with weight the weight from all of the peppers and then of course I just popped some marigolds in there I just like that fun bright color then I’ve got a red Brandywine tomato which in a really really stiff windstorm it kind of like bent over and kind of bent my frame a little bit so I’m gonna be working on that like trying to get it wired in the right spot I got these trellis supports a lot later than I should have I didn’t even think about supports and by the time I actually got him here my tomatoes were massive and I had to cut actually made my stomach sick how much I had to cut off of these Tomatoes like Erin can attest we were out here was almost dark and I just sat on the edge of the bed like I hope I didn’t just kill my tomatoes because to get him threaded through these supports was really difficult so that it was a good lesson not to wait to put your supports on put them on right when you plant your tomatoes this is another crop of ambrosia corn I planted this about a week and a half to two weeks after that first bed over there and then this is where I harvested potatoes and I decided to go in with some Xenia seeds and I did that last week and they’re already up I’m and that actually reminds me this is a really good bed to see what kind of irrigation system we have set up in here we did do a video showing you kind of how to set this up I will link it down below but this has actually run off of our irrigation system this whole garden space has a zone all of its own so we can run the whole thing just separate from everything else in our garden and the nice thing about it is that every single bed has its own faucet so when I was done with the potatoes this bed set empty for like a week or two I had the water shut off and I really like the having the ability to do that because when you run excess water into your garden beds all it does is it leaches out nutrients and I don’t want to do that if I don’t have a crop in here you know because I am really diligent about adding bio tone and compost into these beds after each crop and I don’t want to just kind of I don’t know like the gate is that the right word negate my efforts by just running water in here for no reason and it saves on water because you can control and I know that like you know it’s kind of difficult to have it set up like this if you’ve already got an existing garden but we had this area so torn up that we just thought you know what from the very beginning let’s just put this thing in right let’s you know take a little bit longer to get the garden space ready because it you know it’s more of a process when you have more things done because you have to budget for it and plan for it and line people out to help you with it but I’m so happy that we did it that way so in this bed right here I have a watermelon it’s super cute look at this look I don’t know how well you can see that with all the foliage but uh I can’t wait there’s a couple little ones forming over there and there’s another one you can see really well on this side of the boxwood pot this one has been kind of a catch-all bed I plant it’s a few herbs in here there’s a rosemary there’s a basil dill some time and then Samara Gould’s that I have I picked him up I and I can’t even remember what I was gonna use him for they sat and I just watered him in their little four packs for a while and I thought you know I’m just gonna pop them in somewhere where I’ve got some space so and I like the little touch of color I’ve got a pot of chives right here that I decided to put in a pot because they do want to naturalize and spread all over the place so I wanted to contain those kind of like you do with mint you know you don’t wouldn’t want to plant mint anywhere you don’t want it to take over this is actually where some of our irrigation like we can control it right here Aaron just had these couple of things put in where we can run separate zones so there’s four zones here that we can run off of this faucet essentially anyway I’m still trying to talk him into doing in like a more comprehensive irrigation video because he’s really good at that kind of thing and then in our last bed right here I have got a honeydew melon I was out here last night looking around to see if there was any fruit and I think the only fruit I’ve got are like little babies little baby fruits I don’t see any big ones yet tons of blooms lots of little babies so hopefully over the next couple of months because we usually have a really long summer like it usually goes into October pretty good so I’m hoping we have enough time to get some fruit then I have one red cabbage that needs to just be pulled I left it there because I thought I was going to use it and I like the structure of it to be honest with you in the garden I like the way it looks but it’s starting to look a little bit tired so that’s pretty much this garden space I kind of want to take you down here really quick because this is an area where we are going to be developing it but I did pop a few vegetable plants in down here just because it’s a really good thing to do with empty space that you have no plans for and we kind of you know we’re done with food projects for this year so I thought you know what I’ll just get some pumpkins and stuff they take up a lot of space they help suppress weeds and I might get a few fruit off of them so right here I’ve got a couple of jack-o’-lantern pumpkins that are just starting to put on a lot of growth this area was where we had a big bunch of privets removed and I have boxwoods coming but they’re not coming until this fall so of course I don’t want to plant anything else tell those arrived because that’s my structure planting so I thought well this is the only area that gets really full Sun so I just popped a couple pumpkins in right here we had a old lilac removed that when they came in to remove it it just fell over it hardly had any root system at all left so I put a couple of Cinderella pumpkins in here check this out can you see in here so exciting people kind of laugh at me when they come in here because it’s right along our driveway and they’re like did you plumpkin just like random right here said well yes I did because I didn’t want to replant grass in this area because Aaron and I are planning on doing a whole overhaul we’re gonna put in a big walkway and then heavily landscape the side of our yard which means we’re going to be tearing out a lot of sod anyway and I don’t want to plant it and then have to tear it out in this other little cutout where we had a big elm tree I did plant some flowers but this is where I planted more vegetables here so this is where we’re gonna really start heavily planting evergreens like big ones big blue spruce like I’m planning on putting a blue spruce about here that’s why we stopped the ARBs because I wanted the hedge of herbs to look like it’s just disappearing behind a whole bunch of other stuff down here I didn’t want it to look like you know a line of soldiers all the way to the end of the fence and then stop I want them to look like they gently disappear so of course I have all of this extra space here that has water running to it that I didn’t really have plans for so I’ve got another garden treasure tomato so this is the third of the bunch right here it’s doing really well I’ve got a Green Zebra which I have it’s an heirloom tomato I’ve only picked a couple of them off this is a garden tomato this is another one from proven winners I’ve got one here and one in a pot in our cold frame and it produces it’s kind of like a mix between a cherry and aroma they’re really tasty and I like the fact they don’t have like a ton of pulp in them so they’re really good for like caprese salad I really like that they hold up really well right down here and I’m gonna have to look in here cuz I can’t really remember this is a delicata squash which I see one starting to form here it’s a little baby in there it’s been kind of a job keeping the vines off the grass – been trying to be good about that okay I don’t see oh this is an autumn acorn squash and there are some fruits forming in here and then we’ve got a wee B little pumpkins so form of those cute little orange pumpkins and there are I’m seeing like a dozen of them and already forming in here and then this is a blue Hubbard this one’s like taking over it’s climbing the fence it’s kind of going outside of the fence which is okay our neighbors have agreed to let us plant a little bit on the outside so we could try to mask all these big poles anyway so I’m not really worried about that but I thought you guys might like to see just what I do with areas that I have no plan for it’s a really good way to just get a little bit of extra produce and have something there otherwise it would just be growing weeds here and that doesn’t look good so anyway that’s pretty much it for this tour I hope you enjoyed seeing how everything is doing I’m really thrilled with the space and I’m excited to actually plant next year I’ve already been thinking about how I’m gonna rotate my crops where I’m gonna plant everything really exciting so anyway thanks for hanging out with me this morning and we will see you in the next video fight


  1. Miguel195211 Author

    I don't understand the thumbs down. Can someone explain to me why on earth would you give a thumbs down to this couple making beautiful videos?

  2. Kathy McHale Author

    wow love the black fence….thanks AGAIN for sharing I learned so much…also I think the reason the bugs were not coming is because of the cloth under the gravel and type of wood you used for the boxes….great job

  3. Ms Chen Author

    Love your garden, we are moving to a new place and i have been debating how my garden will look like. I am glad I found your channel. I used mulch in my previous garden, I am not sure if I want to have gravel or not. Still thinking. Mulch or gravel???:)

  4. Peachy Peralta Author

    Laura, is that really semi transparent (as u said) or semi solid (as pictured) ? I would love that for my raised beds and deck. Thanks

  5. Ruth Deem Author

    If you slice eggplant thin/medium, dip in egg and milk, then in cornmeal, flour mixture and fry, it tastes exactly like fried green tomatoes.

  6. killuminate peacefulness Author

    Make sure when you get ORGANIC gardening soil that it is OMRI listed. ORGANIC can really mean anything, including human bio sludge from the sewers. And OMRI listed products do not use bio sludge. Bio sludge is dangerous its filled With all Types of E. Coli bacteria, and is filled with pharmacological drugs and what ever else people flush down the toilet. Its disgusting.

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    I have a few 1yr old raised beds and trying to create a fertilizing schedule. Do you fertilize the veggies weekly or bi-monthly with a quick release? Or, just use the Bio-Tone and other slow release fertilizers one or twice a year? Love your channel and garden! Thank you!!

  9. Mariah Harrington Author

    I have Sweet potatoes planted in my raised garden bed that is probably the height of these beds. should I transplant them to a deeper container or in the ground? This is my first time growing sweet potatoes

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  11. LaniaLost Author

    Tragic — typical garden center advice. Killing earwigs and caterpillars with chemicals? — the so-called organic pesticides are a con. There is absolutely no need to use this toxic stuff — if you garden in harmony with nature, there are natural predators that do not poison the land. Landscape fabric? — it's a polyester material that is synthetic and contaminates the soil.

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    If you don't know what to do with all your zucchini, you should halve them lengthwise after washing. Then slice, and bag into quart size freezer Ziploc bags. Freeze, and then pull out whenever you need some zucchini for sauteeing/cooking, in any recipe you normally use it!

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    Hey Laura, I have been having issues with squash bugs and I have some of the thuricide work on them? I tried dish soap which works at killing them but it also burns the squash plants.


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