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Australian Red Napier – Multicut Hybrid Fodder Grass -Cultivation method, Importance & Uses in Tamil

Hello Viewer’s This Napier grass imported from Australia New, multi-cut crop, good green fodder to cow, buffalo, goat, sheep, rabbit & pig Once may planted, yield comes up to 3 – 4 years Good ratoon / re-growth capacity Leaf soft in nature, so easy to handle all the farmers General character: Comes up to 12 feet, without leaf blade Compare with Super Napier, it having high protein content (18.32 %) Propagated material is slips / root cuttings only Drought tolerance, but need proper water source at the time of crop maturity From a single root slip, an exposes 18 & more individual branches in a first harvest An every harvest, side branches may increase step-by-step For single plant may produce 480-540 number of leaves/plant Totally high density of leaves is nothing but, it chance to increase total green yield Leaf is fully red in nature, it length between 110 – 120 centimeters All are look like red color, viz., Leaf, Stem (Slips), Node, Young leaf also Root slips materials, farmer can select two budded slips for planting purpose An emerging nodes are presented in Zig-Zag method like alternative forms Farmer’s once got slips from any courier or transport, at the same time sock in normal water for 4-5 hours Before planting: Plough 2-3 times to obtain a good tilth And form ridges and furrows, the spacing recommended for 50×50 cm (or 2 & 2 feet) Plant to plant spacing is 2 feet and Row to row also maintain around 2 feet only Immediate irrigation after go for planting on field, upward of slip nodes One node arrest inside the soil 2nd day irrigation is important, that’s called as life irrigation Regular irrigation based on soil like clay soil once in 8-10 days interval For sand mix soil need irrigation for once in week Requires for 12,000 slip / acre Plough 2-3 times to obtain a good tilth by using tractor or country plough First harvest is to be done on 75-90 days after planting Subsequent harvests at intervals of 30 days once Hand weeding is done whenever necessary Either hand weeding or hand hoe at 40-50 days from planting When weeding complete, to promote more number of side branches Green Yield is 190-200 tons/acre/year To maintain 12 cows / 10 buffalo / 22 goat or sheep in one acre of land Increase milk yield by almost 500 ml / Cow & Buffalo per day Increase the body weight for Goat, Pig, Poultry, Rabbit & Sheep Yield approx. 50-55 tons/cutting depending upon the soil Adopt all the soil, climatic conditions anywhere in India Below the video, in description page present in purchase web link & contact number also there Thanks…


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    Anne , co fs 29 sorgam eppadi , rompa Hight irukkuma , cofs 29 or co3 which is better .
    Nan vanth Kerala vil ninnum ungalude subscriber Sajeev , replay sollunga plese , Tamil solla therium aana padiykka theriyath ,


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