1. Ashley Gill

    thanks for the simple video, and for ensuring we knew it was sponsored. Just a question, is the kit basically a single use kit or will it spread to 2 or 3 uses?

  2. Akram

    Grate video, I will give this a try but the the only issue I have is I don’t have a garage or drive way so can I do it on the street ?

  3. Abe Babe

    Thank you very much, I like your videos
    Does the ceramic coating also change the looks, does it add glittering ?
    I try to decide whether to do polish+ceramic or polish only.

  4. YoungDodgers

    We are in the right place not just because you are number one on ceramic coatings but because you are also deeply in love with them. 😂 And I have to admit that I'm deeply in love with your videos, keep it up man I appreciate your content!

  5. Toby Ryder

    Hi pan, don’t know if you will be able too help but if I use this product on my car how long would I have too leave it before I could wrap it with a protective wrap?

  6. Toby Ryder

    Hi pan, not sure if you’ll be able too help but if I use caramics paint work protection on my car how long will I have to leave it before I can wrap it with a protective wrap?

  7. Dave Craig

    Really enjoyed the video, I noticed the bottles of product look very small, is their enough in them to do the whole car in particular fabrics and the wheels?

  8. PatrolDog

    Hello Pan,

    Can you top this coating with carpro reload? I asked AutoFinesse and they didn’t know what carpro reload was.


  9. Ali Moghadasi

    Hi Pan…would you please do a brand review for Mothers brand? I need your advice on this brand because in our country they are vastly available.
    Thank you very much Pan…

  10. dogsdogsnumbers

    Hi Pan can you apply any kind of paint sealant on top of this ceramic coating? If so how long do you need to wait before applying the sealant?

  11. Scott V

    After a ceramic coating has reached its End of Life, how do we add another application? Obviously wash and decontaminate, but do we need to remove any remaining ceramic coating and how to remove it. Thanks Pan, great channel!

  12. Thomas Cole

    Auto Finesse mention maintenance of the coating and the application of their wax.

    I’d like to hear what the recommendations are with regards to its maintenance and longevity

  13. Josh Ramirez

    When ordering from America do they take my regular debit card? Or do I have to go about some special currency. Sorry if it's a dumb question never ordered overseas before. Love your channel btw pan!

  14. Jonathan Edwards

    Pan can you please make a video describing all the possible options/combinations for paint protection? I am a beginner in detailing and I understand the basic process: wash, decontaminate, clay, cut, polish, and then coat and seal but there are so many products out there. Glazes, wax, ceramic coating, top coats, and others. I just need to know what to use and what order! Love your videos and appreciate the consideration.

  15. Juancho Lanzalot

    Hi pan, I know this doesn’t have anything to do with the video but is just needed your opinion, I usually clean the interior of my car with apc mixed with water, does this damage the plastic and vinyls? It’s not a expensive car( vw golf mk4 gti) but I really like it and I wouldn’t wanna ruin the plastics and leather or should I save up and buy a product like meguiars quick detailer

  16. A Korean Badger

    Hi Pan love the videos! Quick question as I don’t have a garage is it ok to leave the car outside in sunlight with these coatings as long as it doesn’t rain?


    Nice kit, Hope to see PAN do a video on the QP-ON SYSTEM mainly 2.0 and 3.0 start to finish prep (dilutions) and all

  18. James Bailey

    Thank you for this review up to now ceramics had been off the table because of the need to keep the car away from rain etc. for a time not really compatible with UK weather . I presume even with a ceramic contaminates will end up on the paint work can you use a clay mitt/cloth on a ceramic coat with out damaging it ?

  19. Mark Lin

    i wonder how long these fabric coating will last, especially on the driver seat. 1 sit in and out maybe already transfer all the coating to your jean…no?


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