Awesome World's Most Bitter Fruit : Bitter Melon – Amazing Japan Agriculture Technology Farm #27


  1. Áneesh M

    The Indian one literally tests your patience, I'm an Indian I just put 2 seed in my garden, they've grown up but only 2 female flowers approx. 3-4 months over and a whole lot of male flowers.

  2. Kay Cee

    My favorite vegie back home in the Philippines, We grow them everywhere or anywhere in my lil province and they thrive healthily- Young leaves can be eaten as salad too, Just mix it with ripe tomatoes, green onions and pour a lil bit of fish sauce or soy sauce and hmmmmm….So yummmy.! I moved here in Texas and i can't wait to grow mine in the backyard this year😍😆

  3. Deborah Art

    I like the bitter gourd as salad or sauteed. It tastes good. What a lovely video. Subbedd your channel, pls sub back too. Thanks.

  4. Nancy Nahni Goh

    Wow bitter melons if they really white coloured are from Taiwan , it is so yummy you stir fried with with fermented bean curd wow , but for non vegan you can stir fried with pork and bean curd and with tamarin juices so yummy


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