Azolla Pond Preparation and Construction Using Used Billboard – TAGALOG!! with English Sub

In this video we will be building an azolla pond We will not be digging for this pond We will put it near, this wall We will make our pond facing east because the morning sunlight is good for our azolla plant While the sun after 2pm onwards is not that good for our plant it’s too hot.. That’s why we will build our pond near this wall so the wall will be able to serve as an additional shade to our pond We will be using our old trapal or used billboard from our other pond that is a used billboard We bought it because it’s wider and cheaper compared with what we had bought in the market The used billboard is 10*10sq ft each and we have 2pcs of it so we will be building 2pcs of 10*10ft We will use hoe in this part we need the soil to be equally flatten so the water in the tarpaulin will also be leveled They are also removing grass, rocks or anything hard that might poke our tarpaulin This is the first pond that Nanay made It has a few shade and the water is low so the azolla turned light green that’s why we are making a new pond The tarpaulin has been laid down and I was not able to take videos of it It was laid down fast It just took them a few minutes We had used 2pcs of 10*10ft tarpaulin so they are 10*10ft each The side of the tarpaulin is discolored because they are our tarpaulin from our old pond that was just transferred here and was given to Nanay so we are just helping her out in building this new pond The soil has been flatten, and used a wood on the side we used wood because that is what is available But if you have bamboo, wood or other It’s okay as long as the trapal won’t collapse because it will serve as the pond’s support If you have any materials that you can use vertically that would be great as well! And they used nail, to make it sturdy If you have a rubber You can try wood, then rubber, then the nail so the tarpaulin won’t get holes in it The pond is now being filled in by water Here, it is now filled with water


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    Hi, po, pa order po ng azolla, 2sets of azolla, ano po ang payment. . MR Joseph V. Refuerzo, AFPSLAI Palawan Branch, RJML Bldg. KM3 South National Highway, Barangay Tiniguiban, Puerto Princesa City.


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