BA Fashion Design & Textiles FULL PORTFOLIO & EXPLANATION | First class degree


  1. Nafisa Sahara

    @outfitOtTheDay I really loved your work every single detailing.colors ideas amazing work done.
    Could please make a video on how to create an portfolio i would be a great help.

  2. Samreen Popli

    Hey! I actually loved your portfolio. The patterns, the designs and everything just come out so well. I myself is in the process of applying to a few colleges where i need to showcase my portfolio. I would really like ypur advice on how to start off if i need to make a portfolio for fashion styling.

  3. Fatima Rizwan

    I'm in the process of applying in a textile designing school.
    I have to show them some of my art work.
    What kind of my portfolio should be??
    Kindly Help me

  4. The Aalpha Pink Bureau

    Your work is great and I can tell that you put a lot of thinking into planning the portfolio book design. The graphic layout for the Golden Love collection is my favorite! The mix and match idea for the surface design patterns takes everything a step further. I also like how that section’s flats are laid on the page. It’s sooo well put together!

  5. Sarin ya

    Hi! I wondering about moodboard and research are not the same! The collection come from the moodboard or research. I get confused. And golden love how come from, from the stroy ?

  6. Dawn Hoffman

    Hi, just in the process of applying for ba fashion design, as a mature student, hope this doesn't sound silly but is this final portfolio your dissertation or is that something completely separate ?


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