BA Fashion/Textiles Sketchbook


  1. Emma Dikic

    LOVE this book!!! So creative ! You’re a fashion genius! Just one thing! When you film 🎥 your video try to hold the camera quit you go with camera left right and than it is hard to focus

  2. Mariah Wisdom-Peters

    This video was really helpful. But one thing I struggled with at uni was showing that you analyzed and did research but only using visuals. At my university they tell us to avoid writing anything, unless it is key words or an artistic quote. They also want us to research designers and such but get our main inspiration from places that are typically fashion related. Would you have any advice for that? I try my best but often my tutors find it hard to follow my work through my sketchbook.

  3. Sami Chiang

    I literally watched all your videos about fashion design and was really inspired by your work!!!! One question;do you already knew how to use photoshop and illustrator before uni or did the teachers taught u in uni??coz I know nothing about photoshop/illustrator but I am going to study fashion design this year and all these videos just make me so exciting xxxxx

  4. Amy Allott

    This is amazing and has helped me out a lot with my fashion project. I was suck on how to start my sketch book and what to do after each bit. You have presented this really well! Thankyou!!!! x

  5. piggy_style

    love this book !!! it was really inspiring for my work i was looking for some new fabric idea !!! loved yours !

    ifyou have time have a jump on my channel :3

  6. Seraya Moleka

    love your sketchbook!!.is your sketchbook a compilation of 'experiments'/work you did throughout your course or was it done before you enrolled at university. and if it was done before you enrolled at uni , did you use it as a portfolio? I hope that I am making sense lol 🙂

  7. isabella mikaeyla

    I've just started my first year on fashion design this year, watching your videos really inspires me and makes me really excited for my future assignments and projects 🙂 I looove your work, you're really talented!


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