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BA (Hons) Horticulture (final year top-up) – Tim Adams

[MUSIC PLAYING] So I’ve just finished
my foundation degree in horticulture, which is
a two year qualification. Horticulture is everything
to do with plants, so that’s from plant sciences,
garden design, landscaping, and looking after green spaces. In the second year of
the FdSc, the course splits into two pathways. There’s a general
horticulture side, and there’s a
garden design route. I chose the horticulture side,
which is more science based. We look at things
like crop production, horticultural
practices, which is to do with the crossover
with the food industry, and how the food that
we eat is produced. The BSc top of year course
is a one year course. And really, it’s just a very
easy, continuous process from the FdSc to the BSc. And as long as you
pass, you straight on. So it works out the same as
a general three year degree. The teachers are great, and
they’re very approachable, very friendly. They’re all from
industry, and have come into academic
routes themselves. Different backgrounds. The growing, commercial
side of horticulture, the scientific side, and
also the landscaping side of horticulture, so
we’ve got a real mix. I work for a company
called SNA Produce, so we’re based in Herefordshire. They were looking
for a student to do a placement over the summer. So I was doing a trial to
do with imported soft fruit waste, because waste is such
a big problem in the food industry. And I’m now using that trial
data for my dissertation. The best thing
about being at NTU is my course, because
it’s very different. I think being on a rural campus
is one of the main things. So when I came to the campus,
I was amazed by the facilities. That’s what the
course needs, really.

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