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Bachelor of Agricultural Science

So we’ve made major changed between the
old and the new Agricultural Science. Previously we had a 3 year bachelor of agriculture
that could be studied by distance. And a 4 year bachelor of agricultural science
that was studied internally. Students said that they wanted choice, so
we have given them choice. We have made it so that students can study
by distance or internally or both, a combination. We also now have an option where students
can to the associate degree in farm production, which is a 2 year course. Which means students can now choose to study
2, 3 or 4 years at university. Agriculture in Australia is changing rapidly. So consulting closely with industry is really
important in actually being able to keep the course current and on target for the needs
of the next generation of agriculturalists in Australia. Consultation with industry is a key part of
developing a new degree. At the end of the day we provide the employment
and the skills we require should be in sync with what the university provides. Agricultural Science at Charles Sturt has
always been knows as a practical course compared to other agricultural science courses around
Australia. What we’ve done with the new course is actually
improve that even further. We’ve also incorporated more workplace learning,
so that by the time students get to the end of their course, they’ve experienced a range
of industries and a range of workplaces so they know exactly what they want to do when
they finish. Digital agriculture is the future of agriculture
in Australia. So not only have we incorporated digital agriculture
into the way www teach, we now have a major dedicated to digital agriculture, where students
build skills in spatial analysis and information technology & database management. I think when you look at the cropping industry
and what’s happened with GPS and with driverless tractors and variable rate technology. Digital has made a profound effect on a more
efficient use of resources. We’re going to see those benefits transitioned
into livestock as a lot of these tools become available. So I think for anyone who’s considering
a future in agriculture, firstly I’d say, I’m incredibly enthusiastic about Charles
Sturt University because it is the university of the Murray Darling basin. It’s located in this really rich production
area in southern NSW. We’ve got all the key irrigated agriculture
within a stone’s throw of the university. We’ve got really. Important livestock genetics which is what
the business is we are in here. And then of course we’ve got all the various
cropping industries. So it’s really located in a fantastic place
for students to be embedded in understanding what industry is doing and where the future
is. At Charles Sturt University we are trying
to produce agricultural graduates who are equipped with the skills that they’ll need
into the future. Who have a deep understanding of the farm
systems they manage, and who have the confidence and ability to be the industries leaders going
forward into a world where we’ve got big challenges globally in the industry.

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