Backyard Aquaculture/Fish Farm Update. The System has Cycled..


  1. Ron Szegleti

    Hey Rob,
    I noticed in this video your UV lamp. Can you please tell me what the brand name is? I have the exact same lamp for my Koi pond, but the store that I purchase from (Locally here in Washington State), buys products and re-packages them and re-brands to their own name. So I am curious as to the brand that you purchased from. (As I watched this video at 4:09, and saw your UV lamp, I looked to my left on my desk where two of my new UV lamps are sitting and compared to yours. They are exactly the same size and features).

  2. jksatte

    I need aquaponics for dummies. This is a bit over my head. I want to do this one day for sustainability and some sales if possible. Thank you Rob for explaining things and showing us what's going on. I really appreciate when you all explain problems. Extremely helpful. Blessings!  Janice

  3. Golfingferdie

    Hello Rob Real Nice Job on the Foil Covering, Is that Just like Emergency Blanket or thicker? still using in-ground to help keep it cool. Need to put up shade cloth like you have to keep the sun from killing everything. Trying everyday to send that fireball in the sky south to you.Hope you have a Great Season for this Year, I can start mine i guess. So, you ever Grow Okra? More a Southern thing in the U.S. Thing  grows Great for me in the Aquponics.

  4. jmartin015

    Hey Rob,
    The Ph seems to be steady at about 6.4. Still waiting for my new meter so I can check it that way. I have shell grit in the sump and oysters too. I also add 7.5 Ph water daily to maintain. No new casualties so far. 🙂

  5. Chris Green

    Azolla fern is described as 'a perfect biofertilizer'. It should absorb a lot of the nitrogen your fish produce. It also converts airborne nitrogen (N2) into nitrates. People who grow rice have been using this to fertilizer rice paddies for at least 600 years, maybe more.
    A group of researchers think former aidespread azolla blooms helped absorb a ~lot~ of CO2 and helped cool the planet down in the past, putting an end to the Carboniferous era and maybe setting the stage for the ice ages.They are following this idea  with research into using ponds full of the plant to suck CO2 out of the atmosphere and reduce global warming.
    Anyhow, the plant can be scooped up, along with the duckweed, and dug into the soil as a soil amendment, adding N to the soil. 🙂

  6. Andrew Hengstberger

    Hi Rob just a thought on the Silvers going off there feed recently keep an eye on the weather as a drop in the barametric pressure will put fish off there food. Apparently one theory is that the lower atmospheric pressure makes the fish's swim bladder inflate giving them a full feeling so they don't eat as much, just a theory that is. Lol. But as a fisherman I know for sure that cold fronts, rain and drops in pressure effect fish feeding, any way just a thought, thanks for another great vid. Andy

  7. UncIe Bete

    I knew you'd come running back to AP!

    Some are made for flow, some are made for pressure(going up). Could be the difference you're seeing?
    That's why my first stop when looking to buy one is the Life Gard / Quiet One. They give you all the info you need. Max flow, height, and usually a chart with what flow at what height, watts, amps, etc.

    Fish food:
    Unless it's something totally awesome like blood worms or something. My fish never(well 90+%.cuz went dont "never" anything) care for New to them fish food. So when you want to convert them. Just start adding it in slowly with what they're used to. And in a week to a month, they'll be going after it likes it all they ever had.

    Thanks for the "Officially", long Aus'd video! Two more to go!

  8. The Productive Garden

    It looks like you re getting this new system sorted Rob. It would seem a back up for the fish farm is a bit of a priority for you.

  9. jmartin015

    Hi Rob. Looks like aliens built an aquaponics system in your yard. :). I took your advice and added some oyster shells to my system to get my Ph up some and after 3 hours saw no difference. So i left the bag in over night and wow! The Ph this morning was over 8! Guess i will let it drop normally again. Hope my plants don't suffer too much.

  10. Bigelow Brook Farm (Web4Deb)

    Nice job with the space age looking setup.  Backups are important…I'm actually installing air stones in my fish tank today…I've had a few close calls with the pumps stopping.

  11. McDowall Manor

    I really find the Silvers are a pain.  They are extremely timid and quite fussy.  I did a test run with two in my tropical tank – lost them both. Given how perfect that water is, it was just an issue of being too timid.
    I'm pretty confident the Jades will survive at least 6 hours with the filter off (we have quite large tanks compared to the 250 litre tropical tanks – and even they last a while).  Don't forget, you can always swap some water out to drop the amonia build up in a power loss.  I'd worry about power outage more than tripped switches (which you'll pick up within 12 – 24 hours).  The battery backup is a great solution mate. 
    Finally, algea is only a problem if there's so much that it's sucking out too much oxygen out of the water.  I reckon your "wrap in sarking" is the perfect solution. Kill the light and provide temperature regulation at the same time.  Your venturiis should solve the problem otherwise. 

  12. Dan Carlyon

    Hey Rob,
    I've got silvers and they are very slow growing. I've had mine for 10 months and they've only grown to about 10 – 15cm from fingerlings. i was hoping to be tasting them soon but it looks like I'll have to wait a bit longer…
    Might go for Barra next time…

  13. Rose Herbs and Honey

    Great work! I'm still chuckling about that mentat quip! I wonder how many got that reference?
    ps I am just about to start on my second aquaponics setup down here in South Australia and have found it takes ages to edit vids to post on YouTube (arrgh). Maybe I'll get some subscribers soon…..Huge thank you for your time and effort.


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