1. Yassir Husain

    Hi Rob, I've been gorging on your videos. Setting up my first AP with an old aquarium that I have lying with me. So I may go for a grow bed or for a styrofoam float – question is that in both cases there will be solid poop from the fish at the bottom of the tank and does this need to get filtered out or cleaned up?

  2. kenneth rutledge

    Glad I came across your channel. Good work. Watched a couple vids. I will be adding a large indoor system to my esthetic fish tank. Please check it out when you get a chance and view that it up!


  3. Matt Macri

    Great video. Have you tried a t piece at the bottom with slits cut in it to avoid the netting? It worked in my sump in the koi pond for the fingerlings. Cheers.

  4. Fábio Guerreiro

    Dear Rob Bob, Good afternoon! 
    Could you kindly inform me where can I purchase this media to the biological filter? 
    I live in Brazil and here I can not find that specific model that you use. Then I think about contacting the store in the U.S. 
    Thank you.

  5. ErCatscan

    Rob Bob,

       Hey I have a question. I have been watching your aquaponics videos and it inspired me to build one myself. So I had a beautiful bed of green beans and tomatoes and all of a sudden over like a week all of my greenbeans died. Nothing else. My tomatoes seemed to slow up on growing but my basil is still going full forces. Any recommendations on what happened and if I should pull the gravel out and wash it or what should I do? I figured a disease or a bug got to my greenbeans. I checked ph and corrected it was a little alkaline. Thank you.


  6. Organikmechanic - Making Stuff from Pallets etc.,

    Great informative vid. It' an impressive set-up you've created and a great chemistry lesson too!
    Cheers from sunny France, Andy.

  7. Gardening Secrets Revealed

    interesting +Rob Bob I wonder if you could make a simple siphon pump like they use for pools to vacuum solids off the bottom with out sucking fish in or other things. You could use an angle grinder on the PVC end to make teeth so to speak such that the fish wont fit through when vacuum is perpendicular to surface. You could use a shop vac as well then just poor the water back through your filter or apply to grow beds…just an idea, great work my friend… 😀

  8. Vegitate Gardening

    Love the instragram pics you have been posting. It is a great media to post pics around the garden but don't have to post a  whole video on. Those parrots are loud. I assume you get used to it over time. Thanks for sharing your fish setup. I have never thought about growing fish. Hmmmm, it is on my bucket list so to speak.

  9. Matt Olsson

    I use one of these strainers on the bottom of my SLO in my small aquaponic system. Helps keep small fish out of it. I used to have a window screen netting much like what you are using there and had the same problem with fish waste clogging it. Here is the link to what I currently use. Cheers! http://www.aussieglobe.com/Screens-Strainers.html

  10. Southpaw Davey urban farm.

    Mmm set up in the in the basement do fish like loud guitar played badly? 😉
     Bet that's the first time you have been asked that.

  11. piertube70

    Hi Rob Bob, Thanks for all your vids. I have developed an interest in aquaponics and would like to set up system with 6 blue barrels I got from my work. As I live on a small block here in Perth in the northern suburbs, I'm hoping to get ideas on blue barrel designs. I'm wanting the system to follow my fence line. Unfortunately I have not found many system designs on the net..any ideas? Keep up the fantastic work!

  12. OgMandin0

    So far as the neighbors, the sound of falling water is the most soothing sound on the planet. We all came from the water. We carry sea water around in our veins. Anybody who complains about that sound is simply looking for SOMETHING to bitch about.  Pay them no mind.  Were you governed by a property owners association, they would find your ENTIRE operation "unsightly" and issue court papers to have it ALL removed!  Do not let the opinions of simpletons RUN YOUR LIFE!  I assure you, if you concede to them ONE TIME they will return with a LONGER list of grievances!

    Thanks for the FISH update!!! Your trials and victories with the fish are very interesting.  As a biologist, I find it all informative.  You know, few viewers will ever undertake aquaponics. We're here for gardening. =want to see PLANTS. 

  13. McDowall Manor

    My limited knowledge says:  1. you can never have too much bio-media.  2. Why do I make cheese and bread when I can buy it cheaper at the shops? Because I can!  If you're having fun with the aquaculture, then you will succeed. 3. I suspect you are slightly over-feeding which isn't helping the solids. It doesn't matter because your ammonia is falling (thank you bio-media!).  However, keep an eye on your nitrite and nitrate.  An old bloke told me that for best results, baby fish should be fed multiple times a day for the amount they can eat in 2-3 minutes. I also suspect Silvers are much slower growing than Jades due to their temperament, so they probably eat less. 

  14. Ryan Bak

    Great update Rob. I've recently used a bilge pump as a vacuum to suck out solids on the bottom. Bilge pumps are quite cheap on ebay and just attached it to the side of a 25mm pvc pipe i had. (For a handle, with pump on the bottom) and some flexible pipe attached to the outlet of the pump. (Hope that make sense 🙂 ) 

  15. Michael C

    Thank you for answering my question before I asked!  I was wondering why all the filtration, run it through a grow bed with worms?  I didn't know you could read minds!!!  Thanks again for ALL the information and another great video!!!!!

  16. Pauls Planted Aquariums

    Australia? Did you ever consider adding floating plants? (Salvinia,Frogbit, Duckweed..) to help bring down the ammonia, give your fry a place to hide and shade the tank to keep down the algea?

  17. baconsoda

    Hey, you'd better stop showing those fish growing or you'll have mugsyjeff sneaking round your back in the middle of the night.
    Best Wishes, Brendan.


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