Baileys Super Chocolate Cheesecake (Dairy-Free Option)

So this should be interesting–Oh! I just punched the table (counter). Hey guys! Welcome to Let’s Bake It. Today, we’ll be making a Baileys chocolate cheesecake. The twist is I will be making it dairy free. I know how it is supposed to taste like with dairy ingredients but I have never made a dairy-free cheesecake of anything before. So, this should be interesting. Let’s stop waffling on and lets go bake it! If you want to see this recipe in greater detail, you can find it at my website You can find the link below or in the “i” cards above. So, the cheesecake didn’t turn out as expected. It tasted more like a fudgey brownie rather than, you know Baileys chocolate cheesecake. Which is okay, I guess. And, I have no clue what happened to the Baileys in the cheesecake. It doesn’t taste like it at all. I don’t know where it went. Maybe it disappeared. I didn’t drink it so I don’t know what happened to it. Anyways, if you want to see videos that actually work out and enjoyed watching this video then please like and subscribe below. And make sure you click on the bell button.It looks like that. It will notify you every single time I post a new video. It will leave you a little link in your notification feed. Click on it and it will send you directly to my video Thank you guys so much for watching! I will see you next week with a brand new video Goodbye. Arrivederci. Slán. Hej då. Bientôt. Other ways to say goodbye. I don’t know. I can’t remember. Okay. Bye guys!


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