1. Josip Juresic

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  2. Autodidact2

    It's idiots like these who make fishing the most dangerous occupation: No one was wearing an inflatable life jacket and not one was wearing a hard hat.

  3. tokus64

    and once again i disliked this video because of that annoying music. i seems that every uploader uses the same crappy music in their videos. be original and use other music.

  4. Douglas Owen

    Takes me back a few years to when I crewed on a boat doing just that, back in the 70's. Not much has changed (don't fix what ain't broke). Our sole in Namibia (then South West Africa) is trawled rather deep and usually, the swim bladders come out the mouth when the net is hauled up. We iced much more as the trip out was usually a few days long. The Sole is one mighty fine fish. Grilled with a dab of butter. Yum! If you prep it correctly the meat comes away from the backbone leaving no other bones. I am getting hungry just telling about it. LOL

  5. The Great Ashton Nixon

    Hell of a job, but those fish would be really useful alive considering they lay about 8 plus eggs maybe even 100 plus eggs. I could pay 1000 dollars a month to Noal farms to put a little extra effort into grabbing me some stuff.

  6. The Great Ashton Nixon

    Let me join your team of agriculture. This is proof that if you guys can do amazing harvests like this that other people can do the same easily.


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