Bee Farming Success Story : Milea Bee Farming | Agribusiness Philippines

these are known for its stinging capabilities that cause people to get rid of them but little do we know that it helps a lot in our needs especially in the agricultural industry Panola bana kappa dunno a Malibu buoy exciting mama farmers I think al-amin with the owners of the Millea beef farm and bath and body wellness sabayon and San Jose Batangas Matata gone on some farm nama was small but not terrible insects on Malaya bee farm NEPAD mama re in the mr. Rico oh my own on Malaya bath and body wellness sells a wide range of products produced from these luck started or now die Sasaki no Connie Donna thermal a six or seven years ago you and a corner boon so the current Shannon skin asthma and he went from one doctor to another until Marin doctor Enoch Sabina I I know sir even Australia and along here natural father flunky nagamma Kela until I hit a certain combination of oils na Network Telugu discernible Metallica normal aging skin as Manya so that started young annoying business Malaya bath and body wellness assures its customer the effectiveness and safe nosov their products because of the byproducts from bees advantage luminal a normal lipstick nam and a chocolate bomb please natural beeswax simply kagaya doing similar commercially prepared and overusing petro chemical byproducts so cooling lips moai nitocris or missing a fast naturally muggy healed ILD tone just a LED lamp lab is awesome a natural antibacterial property sila so you only lead on Shyam pump agonda marrow add-on benefit from cosmetics down to vitamins layer on the head young Samuel a a bath and body wellness so high you wanna maybe from Nami and go animal coming up added products kagaya dandy polymer pro-police extra the posthumous a born Emir of manga propolis nough you'll be here on Makita saw market you ma I know among pollen sovereign young giggling the mug beginning energy having this kind of business doesn't really require you to have a bee farm but it is still best to have one on your own okay ahead insane you linear eco more on Angie lung dips somebody got our own and I sound before on recommendation Cola gay máximos lavas Abdullah ba pag Melanie are a casa don't say he's an colony wedding to Tulum animism my Oh spa Mahina you Mesa Boyden at Ingo one an para an paramita Luna Neto Mahina Parimal fantasy lana la paz – lutulu insulin la la cos mar in goo mommy's non-hawaiian Luminara lumen bought a Oh animal container nowela Amoy ODP negligee animal a kami can provide a housing for Bay's that is elevated to avoid cockroaches and ants why did Inca here on unused oil amana posting in a gamete Nevada animal hobbies openly mafia a Malay Langham going to in summer of harvesting on honey dial second attempt animal maraming letter Amana Bullock laughs nishang pina cuckoo hana Malibu booyah para going honey male king advantage am pikarin abuse a new farm dice a to London ibogaine Ito presiding pal arrow arrow Nepal la Llana ma swag and an mogul Agata an abyss del dual-purpose shakuhachi omaha Hakata a honey what a Napoleon which is put within an inch and a food supplement not in chat a Samana bata top was young my enjoy phonetic pollination services for free gallons of bees so agricultural country tayo may on a pinnacle safe Nagar Manhattan is to produce our own food grow our own food Indian at in Taliban and be starting agricultura July at Inc agape macaca POC para miss elaina Mumma in diamante okoma Keaton and todos a vanilla Peru Dunson ikkaku Honiton productos Ottoman a Holloman enough nyan para la ilaha yatin familia


  1. ronald bagaman

    sir/maam… tanong q lng po kng saan. po makakabili ng bee colony? taga south mindanao po ako… gusto q kc mag farming ng honey bees. salamat poh

  2. Adolfo Fullo

    Great video. Please visit my channel for more videos and subscribe. I subscribed to your nice channel. Maraming salamat and Merry Christmas.

  3. Mikael Domingo

    patok ngyon yan dto sa pinas ..Ang pure Honey..dahl marami nagagamot na sakit.lalo na sa mga bata.kami sa bahay ndi nawawalan ng honey and lemon.

  4. christian andal

    actually nd nman ganon khirap at kaexpensive ang pagtatayo ng isang apiary,.,kc pede mung mkuha ang mga kakailanganin m jan lng mismo sa paligid ligid m,.bsta mrunong k lng mag explore,.,.

  5. hoalinae

    When we visited this farm last year, all coconuts are bearing huge quantities of fruits. Even organic avocados can be seen naturally fell on soil. Its all because of bees.

  6. ians channelhd

    Hello po pd po mahingi number nyo taga batangas din ako pero d2 ako as dubai naghahanap po Ako nag supplyer ng honey at iba pang product na galing sa honey.reply asap.add my sa fab or whats up +971554670997 thanks


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