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Being Genuine in Business and Competing With Reece Irrigation and Total Eden

– The two biggest players
in Australia in irrigation are Reece and Total Eden
and I want to be the third, if not a duopoly against one of those two if one of them eats the
other one up or one of them decides to close, which
I think is unlikely. And I said to him “that’s what I want”, and he said “You’re greedy,
that’s fuckin’ greedy”, I’m like “it was never about greed”. I’ve got a big ego and I want to win and I want to have you
know, I want to have the highest number of
stores at the conference and I want people, I want
to walk through a room and have people go “do
you know who that is”, “that guy took on these guys and won”, but it’s not about the
money, and I think anyone that’s truly trying to do anything great, if it’s about the money then they’ll never truly be free I guess, I don’t
know how to best describe it. I posted an Instagram card
of like a thing the other day saying that you know
only genuine people win and I had a few people
say well that’s not true in their own words and I guess the card probably wasn’t detailed
enough because I guess what it probably should have said is, “I will only win in my
mind, if I am genuine”, because a lot of people can win in whatever they choose to
do by not being genuine, but in against my values
it’s not the case so. (bubbly hip-hop music)

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