1. Simon A. Consalvi

    Hello how can i see this link ?  It does not work.
    Learn more about growing mint commercially here:

  2. Bangalore's HydroHome

    Hello , first of all – big thanks for doing this.. you really really helpful.

    Could you please help me resolve my few doubts..

    If I'm growing tomatoes in cocopeat medium, should i be circulating nutrient solution every day three times ? Wouldn't over fertilize and wilt?

    Or should i be feeding nutrient solution once or twice a week and feed rest of the time water??

    I'm doing soilless tomato growing in cocopeat and im afraid of over fertilizing ? Pls help since its hydroponics method nutrient water feeding 3 times a day makes sense but will it cause over fertilizing?

    Many thanks in advance..

  3. Aditya Lukman

    If you're growing those plant with a vertical system, why do you need to make a gap between one zipgrow to another? You can make it more dense if you eliminate the gap between one zipgrow to another isn't it?

  4. Kaotic Hideki Imanaka

    I have mint growing. In a tropical setting produces so much vine how do i control it to thicken the main branch ( it is a clone cutting)

  5. Hydroponic world عالم الزراعة المائية

    This page talk about hydroponics
    هذه الصفحة تتحدث عن الزراعة المائية

  6. Ghost Emblem

    I really like the specifics you guys put on the side can you also put in a temperature range at lot of them seem to prefer cooler temperatures but its not really specified what that would be.

  7. Dominik MJ

    I think that there is an opportunity, when it comes to choosing (or even better offering) the right mint! Doesn't matter if true or not… but especially when it comes to cocktails and ethnic cooking, specific mints are usually used – and would have an USP, if offered.
    E.g. Spearmint is the mint, usually used in juleps, yerba buena (Cuban mint) is usually used for mojitos and Cuban mojo sauce.
    Obviously unique mints like chocolate mint, pineapple mint, would further sell for a premium, if properly marketed.

    It is surprising, that farmers are reacting so slow for the trends….


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