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Best Farming System Testimonial – Alfalfa – Mike Ruzicka

We’ve been using the Soil Rejuvenator for
four years; this is our first year trying the Foliar, and well, the proof is there.
It really helped our second growth come along; we’ve had second cuts where we go out and
we pick and choose different spots to cut, but what we’ve noticed is the Alfalfa has
grown longer, it didn’t just all go to bloom when the heat came. We got more growth out
of the plant and as well as our other grasses as well; really, really came back. On an average
year, we can expect a lot of Alfalfa on our second growth, but the grass is generally
done by mid to late July, whereas the grasses really came on the second growth as well.
We really see the benefit in the Spring, with the milk production in our cattle at calving
and we’re using less feed if we’ve got good feed. This is kind of an orchard grass with
the Alfalfa and this stand is thirteen years old, so for an older stand to still produce
like this is tremendous.

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