1. Patrik Wander

    Do the textile garments breathe after sealing? If not, whats the point, caps are made to protect from sun and heat, if you block all pores in a technical garment, you sooner have destroyed it than enhanced its performance.

  2. Russell Parker

    I ended up being very upset with ceramic Pro after spending $250 every time I bought 50 ml bottle of ceramic 9h.
    Then when the ceramic pro sales prep finally pressured me into letting him talk to some of my leads .
    Which I did not want to but I thought I could trust him and then I was mistaken he cut me out of the middle. But my clients around here know me well enough so when they realized I wasn't going to be involved they rejected the offer.

    But I have to be honest the product does work.
    Ceramic Pro 9h works good ceramic pro light works the ceramic Pro Marine works ceramic sport Ceramics strong.
    It works.
    But there's another company I install Coatings for now and they're honest they're great people and they treat us all like family


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